Alan Yip is back at it again. His new tweak is a visual delight which actually simplifies even beyond what Apple actually has.

His new tweak, called StatusHUD, integrates the volume bar with the status bar. So the next time you increase/decrease the volume, you get an indication on the status bar instead of a separate overlay.

One of the coolest things about StatusHUD is that it mimics the new circular signals in iOS 7. Furthermore, it’s a simplification that you’ll love if you like minimalism.

StatusHUD Cydia Tweak

So What Does it Do?

It looks like this:

StatusHUD Cydia Tweak Volume Bar

The volume bar is shrunk to fit inside the status bar. This way, content doesn’t get overlaid by the volume indicator. It’s an interesting subtraction which should add to the charm of the iOS. If you’re using iOS 7-UI tweaks, you might find that this tweak just fits in neatly.

StatusHUD also indicates whether the volume has hit mute. On full-screen apps where the notification is generally hidden, the tweak slides down the status bar and once the volume change is done, it slides back.

There is just one thing to configure: circles or square display. The bars are either circles (which is preferable) or square (which looks a little odd to me).

You can of course enable/disable the tweak too.

Matches with iOS 7-style UI Tweaks

The best thing is it matches well with many of the iOS 7-style UI tweaks which impact the status bar. For instance, iOS 7 replaced the usual signal bars with circles. StatusHUD mimics this icon so it just fits in perfectly.

StatusHUD is not a free tweak. It will cost you $0.99 on Cydia, the BigBoss repo.