If tweaking three sliders could change the color of the status bar of your iPhone, would you take it? I certainly would.

StatusColor is a Cydia tweak that lets you change the color of the status bar very easily. All it takes is three simple sliders that correspond to red, blue and green. Mix and match them to find your favorite color applied to the status bar.

Statuscolor Cydia TweakStatusColor Cydia Tweak Change iPhone Status Bar Color

It’s obviously a time for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7 but for folks that are still on iOS 6 with a jailbreak, developers are still working to produce some new and interesting tweaks. Status Color isn’t one of the former but the latter description sure fits it.

With iOS 6, Apple introduced color-changing behavior to the status bar. Their design was crafted so that the status bar color was a gross average of the app that was being used. A lot of discussion has taken place around this interesting user-interface feature.

StatusColor is not trying to be a new tweak here but what it does in a very simplistic fashion makes it a tweak to try out, definitely. There are tweaks like Status Tint which do pretty much the same thing.

But I think StatusColor is far more interesting and easy to adopt because it’s easy to use. If you knew the RGB colorspace, you’ll love Status Color.

Once installed, you can change the color of the status bar via Settings → StatusColor → and tweak the sliders. Every time you move the slider, the color-change takes effect after a fraction of a second.

Thankfully, there’s no respring to apply the color change. It happens real-time.

A tweak of this sort is best expected to be free and so it is. StatusColor is a free tweak available on the BigBoss repo.

Try it and do share your feedback in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.