Distil Union’s Stanley – The Flexible Leather Stand for iPhone

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Over the years, we have drastically changed the definition of leisure. Earlier, leisure was to read good poetry, sitting under a beach umbrella; admiring sunrise was a favorite pastime; people would love to see flowers opening their hearts and spreading the absorbing fragrance.

Back to present. Life is tangled in wires of communication devices, which have replaced a good book of meaningful poetry. There is no leisure in appreciating sunrise; rather, we glance over our smartphone’s screen to check time or maybe to read important and not-so-important messages on WhatsApp and Messages apps. We don’t have time to see the blooming of flowers, because our time is eaten up by morning meetings with clients or boss.

Stanley by Distil Union – The Bendable iPhone Leather Stand

While doing these activities, one thing is too tiresome: holding our iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus in our hands. This, probably, is the reason that meaning of leisure is shifted to holding a coffee mug in our hands while taking calls or watching the latest pics of our kiddo. Thankfully, there are accessories that hold our iPhone, otherwise how difficult it would be for us to slurp that hot coffee.

So now we have a super-comfortable leather stand that can hold our iPhone while we can enjoy our personal and professional life at home & office. Stanley by Distil Union is a new-age bendable leather stand for your phone.

Stanley: Distil Union’s Innovative Leather Stand for iPhone

Everything Italian has to be classy; but this one is a combination of American design and Italian material, i.e. leather. The product is made in US with leather-covered bendable steel. This actually elevates your phone to the level you want to fix. Moreover, there is a slot for cable to pass through; this allows you to charge your iPhone at any angle. Unlike a typical metal dock, Stanley is a welcome option that decorates any desk.

Multipurpose Stand

Distil Union Stanley Flexible Leather Stand for iPhone

The leather stand fulfills multiple needs of all users. Its low angle allows you to type in text while you are using Messages, Mail or WhatsApp apps; stay connected with your friends & family on social media by quickly typing posts & tweets. A home maker enjoys some delightful moments while browsing through sumptuous recipes in kitchen. And what is s/he expected to do? Just elevate the stand to watch the screen comfortably. Its bendable sections can be fine-tuned to different heights and viewing angles. A Facetime call is more fun with this leather stand; just place your iPhone at a suitable angle and enjoy the conversation. Place this stand by your bed and make your phone sit on the stand. This helps in taking emergency calls during night (if you are working in one of those essential services).


Stanley Foldable Leather Stand for iPhone

One of the biggest challenges for team Distil Union was to create a bendable stand; to give it a robust look, they included steel and to bring style, they used Italian leather. So the combination of leather & felt exterior with solid steel-core construction gives Stanley an unparalleled look and adaptable functionality. The steel makes this stand compatible with smartphones and small tablets wrapped with cases. You can easily place your iPhone wherever you want.

So here is Stanley…a “standing” companion of your iPhone. You can take this leather stand anywhere in the world; just straighten it with your hands and put it in your travel bag. If you are placing order for Stanley, don’t forget to take that 6-feet tangle-resistant woven exterior cable that can be passed through a slot to charge your device.

Read more at DistilUnion.com.

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