Squarespace is one of those few startups that have nailed the perfect combination of innovative design and functionality. Their iPhone app, Squarespace Note, remained out of my radar till recently and I must say, using the app has been like a total refresh from the usual apps I’ve been using.

First off, let me begin by telling you what most marketers tell: this app is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. That’s only half-true with Squarespace Note but it sure deserves that phrase. It’s unlike 90% of the note-taking apps you’d have ever used. Not that it is insanely innovative. It takes a different approach to note-taking.

SquareSpace iPhone & iPad App

Taking a look at what’s really new in this app:

  • Gesture-based approach instead of buttons
  • Storage via email, Dropbox, Squarespace, Evernote etc.
  • Dark mode on shake
  • Configurable options in Settings

Gesture-based Approach
This is what scores for Squarespace Note. Instead of the traditional button-approach, the app lets you save notes, edit and delete them through gestures. By employing a gesture-based system, Squarespace Note takes the route of Clear, a to-do app. And by making user things are limited to a few gestures, Squarespace Note makes it easy to remember gestures.

Simplified Storage

SquareSpace Storage Options
Squarespace Note doesn’t require you to have an account on Squarespace. The data you store on Squarespace Note resides locally and there’s a ton of export options: Email, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote. The Dropbox sync appears to be the best way to use the app like a pro, but you can achieve similar things with labels and filters when using your email in Squarespace Note.

Interesting Settings
The whole app is driven largely by gestures but what’s more impressive is that the app is stripped down of all additional baggage. A simple, blank slate is presented to you when you start and that gets you started. You can paste notes, links or type them out. Saving is quick and the notes are sent instantly to your preferred storage service. Further, a shake of the iPhone will start the dark color mode on the app: interesting.

You can get Squarespace Note for free on the iTunes Store.