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Spotlight Search on iOS 8 lets you search everything from iPhone, iPad , App Store, iTunes to world and a lot more quite efficiently from home screen itself. However, of late Spotlight Search is found to be not working properly on iOS 8 by many users.

Many users report that Spotlight doesn't show any search result when you try to search for something on it. If you're facing this, here's how you can fix this bug easily.

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Spotlight Search Not Working On iOS 8

Let's first try the simplest solution to the problem! In all likelihood, it can sort it out easily. If it doesn’t, then we can go for other option.

How to Fix Spotlight Search Not Working On iOS 8

Step #1. Launch Settings

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Step #2. Tap on General

Step #3. Tap on Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search Setting in iOS 8
Step #4. Now activate all the available search results by simply tapping on each one of them

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Price: Free+

(By default, all are activated. What you should do is tap first to deactivate and then tap again to activate it; If you don’t want any particular Search Result, you can leave it unchecked.)

Step #5. Now return to the Home screen

Step #6. Swipe down from the middle of the Home screen

That's all. Now hopefully, Spotlight Search will work for you.

In case the bug is still not fixed, you can try out another trick. Though there is no guarantee whether it leads to a complete solution, it might help solve the problem.

Step #1. Launch Settings

Step #2. Tap on General

Step #3. Tap on Language & Region

Step #4. On the iPhone, tap on iPhone Language. On the iPad, tap on Other Languages…

Select iPhone Language for Spotlight Search

Step #5. Select your preferred language

Step #6. Tap on Done

Step #7. Tap on Change to the <selected language>

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That’s all! This might help you. The reason why this solution may work is because Spotlight Search works with certain languages as specified by Apple on its official website. If you have found any other solutions to the problem, let us know.

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  • Tanmay Khandelwal

    Setting the language from English (India) to English (U.S.) did the trick from me.

  • Val guest

    After updating to ios 8.4, I can no longer find songs even
    inside the music app, because some songs do not show up in search results but
    remain hidden inside “albums” or “songs” groups: you have
    to make additional clicks on “albums” or “songs” to reach
    the song you are looking for… This means ios 8.4 should make even less sense
    to users than older systems because the simple task of finding your music has
    become so complicated. I don’t think many users will be able to find some of
    their music at all, while the spotlight search function was simply killed
    before this new problem was introduced. Now you have to figure out those
    additional clicks to find your music… The Apple software specialists are doing
    great job… The ios has never been glitchier…

  • Nick the Greek

    The first trick worked for me. As soon as i disabled everything the search web and search wikipedia links re-appeared. once I enabled everything, they disappeared again. Pfff.

  • Omar Calderon

    apple is getting worse and worse not like the old days wish steve jobs was still here he would have none of this shit!

  • Omar Calderon

    spotlight search is useless now thanks apple you just lost a customer I’m getting a samsung

  • Erik Thörnqvist

    Thanks! Changing the language to another one and then back again fixed it for me! Lovely! :)

  • Carlito Brigante

    Unfortunately neither of these worked for me. I guess I have to call Apple again now. LAst week it was Apps shutting themselves down. They told me to re-install. Did that and it fixed that but caused this. Bunch of clowns.

    Edit : I have just read down and rebooted the phone and Spotlight Search is now working.

  • vmtrooper

    Thanks for the article. The first workaround and rebooting didn’t work, but changing the language to another one and then back to English worked for me.

  • splodge8

    Agree with Ginger and allen below. The above suggestions didn’t work for me either but rebooting the phone did.

  • Ginger

    I am facing the exact same problem as debsail. The spotlight search won’t return any results until you reboot the phone. Just reported it to Apple. Very annoying as it keeps happening every couple of days.

  • allen

    agree with below. Neither suggestion worked. Have to reboot to fix–until the next time it stops working.

  • debsail

    I tried both tricks in the article. The only way I have found to get search to work is to reboot the iphone 6. Search will work for awhile then eventually will stop. very annoying.

    • Dee1jay

      Try refreshing your email (pull down on the email list to get new mail). That works for me.