Spotify Users Angry with Recent Update; Now Moving to Apple Music

Spotify's loss is Apple Music's benefit. Recently, Spotify has made a few changes in its streaming app, and this has given its users genuine reasons to migrate to Apple Music. Many Reddit users have registered their protest against Spotify and discussed what went wrong.

Music streaming giant Spotify is facing the music. This paradoxical situation arises as Spotify has revamped its Your Library tab on its app recently.

Spotify claimed that Your Library is “designed to get you the content you want faster.” However, nothing this sort has achieved by the music company.

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BRING BACK OLD SPOTIFY: Request Thousands of Spotify Users

On Reddit, users have protested this claim of Spotify and registered their opposition as this feature has backfired. Instead of loading content fast, Spotify users have noticed that navigating music libraries has become impossible on the app. Moreover, Redditers have found that Spotify has used this tab as a smokescreen as the app wants to promote its podcasts.

u/dunex85 says, “there’s a giant podcast tab next to music. They’re pushing them hard.”

“When you push your corporate priorities on users instead of prioritizing what users want, you should expect a backlash.

They aren’t here to listen to Spotify. They’re here to listen to their music. Your job is to get out of the way, provide a nice interface, then sit back and collect money.”

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Another Redditer Izzy1752 supports the claim of u/dunex85: “Agreed. Also noteworthy is the lack of swipe gestures for adding music to the queue when viewing your music library.”

In a fury, many premium users of Spotify are now following BRING BACK OLD SPOTIFY! page on Reddit. Although people have experienced different troubles on Spotify, there is one common voice against the app’s push for the Podcasts tab.

Users are also unhappy over the removal of the Songs tab; they are also showing their anger for the downgrading of recently played section. It has been observed that Spotify is showing fewer artists and songs; also, the app is deleting its customization features.

u/TehCrag notes, “Basically they removed the Songs tab and the Recently played section. And the albums tab only shows full albums that you have saved, so if you have three songs from the same album, they would be in the ‘liked songs’ playlist instead… which doesn’t have an alphabet scroll bar.”

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While another u/Skippin101 writes, “There is no alphabetical “scroll bar” on the right side of the liked songs, artists, or albums pages. If I want to play a song that starts with “Z,” I have to manually scroll all the way to the bottom instead of tapping the “Z” letter on the right side like before.”

“The recently played tab is a huge downgrade. It’s now on the homepage, features far fewer artists/playlists, isn’t customizable (i.e., you can’t remove an artist or playlist from it or re-arrange it), can’t be used in offline mode, and, worst of all by a country mile, when you click on a recently played artist it takes you to their artist page instead of showing you which songs you’ve saved by that artist.”

Sensing an opportunity here, a sub-Reddit r/AppleMusic has created welcoming Spotify users. Interestingly, the post name is Incoming Spotify Pilgrims.

That’s all!

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Tuning out…

As Apple is gearing up to launch its Services business, this news has come as good omen for the iPhone maker. Spotify is the arch-rival of Apple Music, and both music streaming services are always locking horns for more subscribers.

Spotify Vs. Apple Music – which music streaming service will you choose? Share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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