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Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Computer

With 70 million paid subscribers as of January 2018, Spotify is by far the most popular music-streaming app. I have always found it pretty exciting and enjoy listening to it while working on the computer.

Thanks to several neat shortcuts, using this music app on the computer is a bit more smooth sailing. Haven’t given them a try as yet? I have rounded up a number of Spotify keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows PC, which would help you liven up your music time.

These keyboard shortcuts are pretty simple, and you will be able to easily master them. And once you have remembered them, controlling music will become dead simple!

Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows PC

Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts

Over to You!

Now make the most of these easy shortcuts to rev up your music experience. I’m sure they will be of great help.

Apple Music has emerged as the biggest competitor to Spotify. Due mainly to the huge library of songs and rich content, Apple’s music-streaming service has become a strong rival.

Though it’s still far behind (with around 30 million active users), many believe that it will soon become the number one music-streaming app in the United States.

Personally, I have enjoyed listening to both of them. As a user, I would really like the competition to get stiffer as it’s only then the best would come.

What’s your take on the rivalry between Spotify and Apple Music? And, which one do you find a step ahead on all fronts? Do shoot your thoughts in the comments below.

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