We’ve had the good fortune of playing around with apps from StudyPad and this time around, we got an opportunity to review Splash Money – an app that would probably take the cake for being the best new edutainment app available on the App Store as on today.

Splash Money iPad App is designed for kids to learn all about coins and bills. It’s simplified and a beautifully interactive version of all the things you learn about money in school. Dollars, dimes, nickels and pennies form the world of Splash Money and if you ask my opinion, the app kind of takes up the job of teaching your kid about money pretty smoothly.

Chimps and Money

Splash Money iPad App for Kids
One of the best things that StudyPad does wonderfully well is the interface elements. That means cool chimps, trains and stuff that makes for a really interesting and attractive game. They have such elements in almost all their apps and that’s a really cool addition. It’s such an interface that makes for a game-like environment.

Curriculum Experts

Splash Money iPad App for Kids
StudyPad focuses on two things: one, the curriculum that forms the content of their apps and two, the way the content is presented to make learning an intuitive and interesting thing. Splash Money – although I wouldn’t really know – is for the age group of 4-9 yrs and the content is said to have been tested by Curriculum Experts. Not to forget, the folks behind the app itself have a strong footing in kids’ education which gives them a foresight of what the app features.

Equipping Your Kid for Holiday Shopping

Splash Money Kids App for iPad
As far as I can see, Splash Money – with all its bells and whistles – can make sure your kid knows how to pick the right denominations for all your holiday shopping. Besides all the fun and interactive learning about nickels and dimes, the app also allows you to orient the content with your child’s school curriculum making it easier to figure out how well your kid learns.

Dress Up the Chimp

Splash Money iPad App Review
And not to forget, the fun doesn’t end with the learning process. Like every other StudyPad app, Splash Money features a dress-up kind of a game where kids add accessories to the chimp with collected coins. Kids earn the coins by answering the questions correctly.

Splash Money sells for $1.99 (limited time; holiday sale) on the App Store. Get one for your kid: it’s a totally worthy app.