As iPhone 7 has finally seen the light of the day, a gazillion of accessory makers have launched their cases for the flagship smartphone. With a viewing to providing the perfect suit; making a match with every need, they have really taken the game to the next level.

When it comes to buying a dashing companion for iPhone, picking one out of plethora of options is never easy. At the end of the day, everything boils down to your preference and how much you can afford, doesn’t it?

Spigen Announced iPhone 7 Cases

Taking your specific needs into account, Spigen and Olixar have come up with some fantastic iPhone 7 cases. Do give them a look before going for the kill!

Spigen & Olixar iPhone 7 Cases Available for Pre-Order

Given the huge popularity of iPhone, it’s no surprise to see such a huge curiosity among fans. A number of companies show the status as shipping now. Several cases have been sold out as well. No wonder there is currently about 27, 000 hits for iPhone 7 cases on Amazon.

As for whether you should go for a case so early for your much-awaited iPhone, I would just say that you should follow your heart. The most iconic flagship smartphone on the planet deserves every bit of euphoria surrounding it.

Talking about the rumored features that are expected to arrive with iPhone 7, there is not much on the cards. Since the upcoming iPhone will have the same design as its predecessor, fans are keeping the cards close to their chest.

Apple is reported to launch three models-iPhone 7, 7 Plus and 7 Pro. Whereas the 4.7-inch device will not have major features, the 5.5-inch variant will come with dual-camera, Smart Connector, 3GB RAM. The Touch-sensitive Home button is rumored to replace the physical Home button.

Unless and until Apple reveals the entire picture, nothing can be said with certainty. Knowing that the tech giant has always surprised fans with some unexpected announcements, we are keeping the fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, check out the iPhone 7 features, specs, and price to keep yourself updated.

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