Every week, we find a bunch of interesting new themes being released. One particularly nice trend that has taken over the world of iOS theming is that developers now have a clear idea of what icons need theming the most based on user requirements and suggestions. Redditors do a fantastic job.

This week, we explore Vhue, Indentd, RipMe HD, Kalmor and Tresimple. Almost all of them are minimal in their own way but each is a different take on iOS 7 iconography and general theming. Jump right in and find out your favorite theme.

Beautiful Winterboard Themes for iOS 7
Price: $1.99 / Repo: MacCiti

Vhue Winterboard Theme
Vhue is similar to a theme like Elite7. It’s not just an icon-theming Winterboard tweak. It changes a whole lot of things including spotlight icons, settings icons, JellyLock icons and more. The screenshots are quite mesmerizing. The theme uses a mixture of mute-colored overlays on the icons app icons.

Vhue comes with three icons masks (like kiki): the square, circle and the squircle (rounded rectangle). With over 200 icons and counting, Vhue is a complete package that brings a uniform theme to your iPhone.

Price: $1.99 / Repo: MacCiti

Indentd Winterboard Theme
Indentd has about 55 icons (and counting). The icons are a curious mixture: they are minimal in some way but they’re different from almost all the minimal themes we’ve seen. There is uniformity in the way the icons look on the iPhone. The colors are a bit “different” though. Personally, some of the choices don’t look that good.

More icons are to be added and the developer is taking icon theme requests over Reddit’s /r/iOSthemes subreddit.

Price: Free / Repo: BigBoss

Kalmor Winterboard Theme
Kalmor comes from the same developer who got us Aromy. Kalmor is a truly beautiful, subtle and colorful theme. While Aromy used the concept of long drop-shadows on the icons, Kalmor uses subtle gradients over minimalist iconography.

Kalmor is a free theme unlike Aromy but I feel that it’s worth downloading even if it was a paid theme. The icons are nothing short of gorgeous and the best thing is that they work on a wide variety of backgrounds irrespective of the color. (but having said that, Kalmor goes well with dark backgrounds). Kalmor supports a lot of third-party apps and like many other themes, more icons are being added.

RipMe HD
Price: Free / Private Repo

RipMe HD Winterboard Theme
RipMe HD seems to have taken off from M’flat in the way it treats the icons. But the treatment is very different and very interesting. It adds realism to the icons but there’s a lot of aesthetic sense in the iconography. In a way, it’s both minimal and elaborate.

I don’t know why but RipMe HD is not available on Cydia’s default repos. (I hope developer puts it on the repos one of these days). In the meanwhile, if you want to get this theme, you will need to download the package from here and copy the contents to the Winterboard theme folder. You’ll need to use something like iFile/iExplorer to get this done.

Price: Free / Private Repo

Tresimple Winterboard Theme
Tresimple is a better-designed iOS 7 stock icon theme. It’s not a full-fledged theme yet. It works to restore some aesthetic sense to the stock icons. So it’s not really a Winterboard theme like the rest of the bunch in this list. It’s for those of you who just want to replace Apple’s stock icons with something more cleaner, richer.

Tresimple can be downloaded from a private repo: Add this repo to Cydia → http://cydia.myrepospace.com/gttkeith.

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