“The Force go stronger with this one.” Darth Vader must have meant something for all the iPhone and Star Wars fans in the world. Sphero, the experts in designing iPhone, swayed “robo balls”, is launching a BB 8 droid. For those who don’t know, the BB 8 droid is a character in the highly awaited sequel to the Star Wars series, The Force Awakens.

BB-8 Droid for iPhone

Sphero Launches BB-8 Droid from Star Wars for iPhone Users

The BB 8 droid, which is controlled by an iPhone, is a fun toy with astonishing intelligence. The droid when goes on a patrol mode, it can roam around all by himself. Or you can make the routes, which BB 8 will follow. But Sphero claims that BB 8 has an “adoptive personality”, which allows him to constantly evolve his “approach” and “reactions”.

BB 8 “personality” will evolve through regular interactions with the user. It acts on commands given by users; for example, if users say “moves forward,” the droid will do so via the app.

The droid will gradually add up more commands in its database through its “adoptive personality.” It can move on flat surfaces with ease, detects obstructions and change its path when allowed to explore on its own.

You can also record and receive holographic messages with the BB 8. Star Wars fans will be delighted to experience the intelligent toy with amazing graphics.

The toy version of the BB 8 droid is launching today as a part of “Force Friday,” which is when toys and merchandise from “The Force Awakens” officially go on sale. It costs you $149.99 and you can purchase it from Sphero.com and Apple Stores.

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

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