Best of Speck iPhone 5/5s Cases

Speck iPhone 5 cases are amazing: they’re strong, flexible, easy to fit and thoroughly professional with a touch of style and aesthetics.

We took one good look at their catalog and fell in love with some of their cases right away. We thought we’d share our favorite picks here for users who’re looking to pick the best cases. Tell us what you think about these cases – and don’t forget to mention your favorite ones.

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Best Speck iPhone 5/5s Cases

#1. PixelSkin HD

Speck PixelSkin HD for iPhone 5

The PixelSkin HD for iPhone 5/5s is a refined variant of the usual PixelSkin case from Speck. The case is plainly stylish but gets you a fantastic grip over the iPhone with a pixel-textured matte finish.

Like most Spec iPhone 5/5s cases, the PixelSkin HD is smooth to the finish and very flexible. With about 5 color options, it’s one of the best-selling iPhone cases from Speck.

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Price: $29.95 ($19.98 on
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#2. SmartFlex Card

Speck SmartFlex Card for iPhone 5

The SmartFlex Card case for iPhone 5/5s is one of our favorites. And it’s so simple: you get a card-holder that can hold up to three cards easily. Okay, that means we don’t just put our cards in it.

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The SmartFlex Card case does get a bit bulky, but if you’re looking for something that holds cards too, this is a great case. As with all Speck cases, a flexible make helps you fit the case on the iPhone easily.

Price: $34.95 ($24.99 on
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#3. CandyShell Grip

Speck CandyShell Grip for iPhone 5

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CandyShell for iPhone 5/5s comes with a host of color options that are not just great. They’re amazing. CandyShell is a rugged-type impact-resistive case from Speck. It’s not military grade, but it does the job perfectly.

The key features include an excellent grip, a 2-in-1 hard and soft construction and a very hard outer shell with shock absorbing features.

Price: $34.95 ($19.99 on Amazon)
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Halloween CandyShell

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Speck Halloween CandyShell for iPhone 5

Well, it’s Halloween anyway so why not a Halloween themed case? The Halloween CandyShell come in three varieties: BatLite, BooBand, and SkullSugar. The features are pretty much the same as the usual CandyShell (except the finger pads for grip).

The outer shell is quite robust and durable to prevent impacts and absorb shock.

Price: $34.95
(Seasonal product; Currently unavailable but sold as plain CandyShell case)

#5. SmartFlex View

Speck SmartFlex View for iPhone 5

The SmartFlex View was featured on our roundup of iPhone 5/5s cases with a kickstand. This is one of the best designs involving a portrait-mode kickstand. We love this case because it has a super minimal and ergonomic design. It has a hardshell outer cover that makes it quite strong and durable.

Price: $34.95 ($31.47 on Amazon)
Buy it from Amazon

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


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