Sony PlayStation 4 Will Have An iPhone App As Second Screen

All you PS4 fans: I am sure you’ve been following up on the news about PlayStation 4. Some really intricate changes have been introduced (processors, ecosystem, Sony trying to push Vita into the system even harder etc.) but the cool thing came up hours ago.

Sony announced that it will be launching the “PlayStation App” for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. This will serve as a secondary screen – not very much like Xbox SmartGlass but I guess somewhat similar – where the player can view maps, check out what other players are doing and when you’re away from your PS4, buy and download games right from within the app.

It’s not an interesting development but it sure is one helluva development for iPhone users who are also PS4 addicts. Not that we’re promoting gaming addiction but to those that don’t want to miss the opportunity to buy a game when they stumble on it (and risk the chance of forgetting all about it when you get back home), this PlayStation app is going to be useful.

PS4 has been long in the making and in the news for obvious reasons. It’s one of the most popular (Wii and Xbox fans, don’t go up in arms; it’s the fact) gaming consoles ever which has retained some really hard brownie points in the face of stiff competition from other consoles as well as from a change in how people do games. Tablets are creeping and inching towards gaming but you can’t bring the cherished feeling of holding a controller on a tablet unless you do Bluetooth stuff. That’s not precisely nice.

Anyway, back to our app. There’s no detail on when the app will be released or launched on the App Store but it sure is coming.

How exactly would it be useful? I think a second screen makes things simpler. Although you’d have to look away from your telly to view maps and stuff, it will help in lesser distractions on the main screen by shifting the distracting stuff to your iPhone’s screen.

There’s no mention about the app being able to do the work of a controller and since I haven’t read anywhere, any mention of that, I think the app is basically going to be just a second screen and a search-and-buy interface. That makes sense too because Sony would want to push their Vita as against an iPhone as a possible secondary controller.

So what do you think? And what are your favorite games on the PS4?