In a strange development, many T-Mobile users are facing a bizarre issue of frequent outage that forces them to restart their phones at regular interval of 30 minutes.

Frustrated users have vented their grievances on social media by writing comments & complaints galore; they narrate how their iPhones crash at every 20-30 minutes while they are using certain apps. In the middle of this, they face a Microsoft-style “Blue Screen of Death”.

T-Mobile iPhone users Face Blue Screen of Death

T-Mobile iPhone users Face Blue Screen of Death

At first, users thought that the bug must have been emerged after they download iOS 9, but later on it came to know that the problem is not limited to a particular model of iPhone or a specific iOS version; many iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users who run their phones on iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.3 encountered this issue.

T-Mobile asked a Reddit user to go for the hard reset of iPhone and delete all old text messages, and then perform complete factory restore in iTunes before restoring from backup.

According to the user, T-Mobile cites memory problem as the culprit.

However, on Apple forums, a post explains the issue is caused by the Wi-Fi calling feature introduced by T-Mobile in 2014. If any user disables this and VoLTE, the issue can be resolved.

If the issue persists, users can disable these two services and then perform a factory reset.

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