SocialPilot iPhone App: Mastering Social Media Publishing with Ease

SocialPilot app for iPhone and iPad is your one stop solution for Social media management. It easily connects most of the sites and also supports scheduling your posts.

Social Media sites have changed the way we interact with our friends, family, clients, and all other sources. There are so many social media sites, which makes it really hard to manage each of them, especially for content publishers. You might be asking yourself, is there a single place from where everything can be managed? The answer is yes, SocialPilot app for iPhone and iPad is at your service.

The app connects almost all your major social media account in the app. You can update status, posts, pictures, content, and much more to different sites right from this app without needing to individually visit each site. There are a hell lot of features of this app, which we will discuss in details.

SocialPilot iPhone and iPad App

SocialPilot iPhone App

Social Media Account Integration

SocialPilot offers connectivity to almost all social media sites, which includes Twitter, Facebook profile, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Pinterest, VK Profile, VK Community, Xing Profile, and Tumblr Blog. These help in updating your post to all the platforms with just one click.

Scheduling Options

We have already seen the connectivity options but apart from that, you can also schedule your posts using SocialPilot. The schedule feature is not limited to one day, you can schedule post for entire week along with setting different time zones. You can also choose which post should be updated on which social media site. So if you are planning for a small vacation but don’t want your social accounts to feel lonely, then download this app and start scheduling.

Creating and Tracking your Post

Creating your post on SocialPilot is similar to creating a post on Facebook or Twitter. You can enter text, image, video, or link to your site while creating a post. Apart from that, you can link your SocialPilot account with Bitly to keep a track of clicks you get on the posts. SocialPilot caters both the purpose: posting as well as tracking the performance or the post.

Sharing Content from Third-party Apps

If you come across a valuable content from other third-party apps, you can easily share it using SocialPilot app. The list of third-party apps includes Pocket, Pulse, Zite, and many more. SocialPilot can easily integrate with Zapier which enables connecting with more than 300 apps. It’s not necessary to share your own content every time, you can use SocialPilot to share other’s content as well.

For Developers

If you are a developer, you can easily get access to SocialPilot’s API to integrate it in your app. This will add a sparkling feature to your app and also make your clients happy.


The app requires iOS 7 or later and it supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apart from that, there are a number of languages supported by the app.

SocialPilot is definitely a must have app for any publisher or a normal user. It bridges the gap between different social media sites and lets you have some spare time for your personal life. Check out their website for more information.

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