Snugg’s iPad Flip Case Covers Are High-grade, Stylish, Sturdy and Light-weight [Review]

The world of iPad case covers is overpopulated. Picking the right case cover for your iPad can be a daunting task. You have to think about what exactly you want out of the case cover, the style, the price, features and most importantly, the protective capabilities of the case. After all, an iPad case is for protecting the device – while keeping it usable.

The Snugg has a wonderful catalog of cases for many devices – and almost all iDevices. The one we received for review is a beautiful Military Desert Camouflage Canvas case for the iPad 3 – a strong, hard book-style case cover with flip stand. It’s one of those light-weight, professional-looking case covers for your iPad that keep the device very safe. All the while, you can do a lot of things with the iPad just as you’d normally – and a bit more.

Snugg iPad Flip Case Review

A Delightfully Light-weight iPad Case

Snugg iPad Case

Snugg’s iPad Case cover is deceptively light-weight while looking very sturdy and strong enough to protect the iPad – even from bumps and low-height drops. The material is thick, rugged and hard from the outside providing you a good grip over it. On the inside, it’s soft nubuck lining which keeps the iPad in a safe place, preventing scratches. I liked the way you have to tuck the iPad into the case’s square frame. The velcro strap keeps the iPad neatly tucked inside the frame so that it doesn’t slip out when you move the case around.

The frame itself is designed to fit the iPad almost too perfectly. The iPad doesn’t move around inside the case. This makes handling the case very easy.

Accessibility, Usability: Pretty Good

Snugg iPad Case Cover

A problem with elaborately-designed iPad cases is that some parts of the case come in the way of usability.  With Snugg’s iPad case cover, that is not an issue at all. There is some bulk, yes, but once you snap the cover away, you can use the iPad almost as freely as you’d expect.

The case cover is magnetic so it triggers the lock-screen action when you close the case. When you open it, the iPad’s lock screen comes alive. While this is a feature that’s available on most flip cover cases these days, it sure is helpful in conserving battery.

A Two-view Stand, Strap & More

Snugg iPad Flip Case Cover

Snugg’s greatest advantage with this flip case is that it doubles up as a stand. The case cover can – just like Apple’s official iPad smart cover – function as a stand that places the iPad in two viewing angles. The flatter (acute) angle will be useful to type on the iPad and the other is great for watching videos/movies on the iPad. To make sure the cover stays in place as the stand, there’s a fixture that holds the cover securely. Pretty neat.

The inside of the flip cover comes with a strap. You can slip your hand into it for holding the iPad even more securely without having to worry about dropping it accidentally. The strap is tight enough to fit into your palm/hand securely.

Oh, if you use a stylus (or a thick pen), you can slip that into the holder too.

Sturdy, light-weight, a perfect-fit and your iPad is still perfectly usable with all cutouts neatly in place: that’s what the Snugg iPad case is all about. It’s one of the really good cases covers that you can get for your iPad for a decent price.