Snapverse iPhone & iPad App: After Vine, This Could Be The Next Big Thing

If Vine got you six seconds and Instagram Video got you 10, here’s Snapverse that gets you 20-seconds, with some crazy music on top. You’re right: this could be the next big thing in short video social sharing.

Update: The App has gone from the App Store

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Snapverse lets you create 20-second videos, spice them up with your favorite music and share them with your friends. It’s not very much unlike Vine and Instagram Video but it definitely is a lot better than the two leading social video services.

Snapverse iPhone and iPad App Review

Vidoe sharing is the in-thing right now, what with the popularity of Vine, Instagram Videos and other methods of video sharing made easy. Most importantly, capturing videos and sharing them through an app has become as easy as a cinch.

So you have the six-second Vine becoming insanely popular. Obviously, six seconds is good but too short to show something credible. So is ten and if you’re like me, you’d prefer Snapverse’s 20-second limit.

I’m not saying Vine or Instagram are bad but you know, it’s just the limitation that matters. Sometimes, some videos need more than ten seconds. That’s where Snapverse comes in.

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Snapverse makes it very easy to capture and share videos overlaid with the music of your choice from the vast database they’ve got. As such, you can say that it’s nothing more than a special video sharing app but obviously, the folks built a community around it.

Snapverse is not just an iPhone/iPad app. You can interact with the community and your videos even through the web browser. Just as on Instagram or Vine, people can like your videos and comment on them.

Unlike Instagram, you don’t have filters to add to the video but you do have the ability to add music and more.

Snapverse is a free app on the App Store. You should check it out.

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