The virtual vendetta between Snapchat and Jailbreakers has taken a new turn as the latter has introduced a new Snapchat tweak to bypass the whiplash Snapchat unleashed a couple of days back.

In a series of events (or should I say a real ding-dong), iPhone users had a gala time using a tweak named Phantom in Snapchat; the tweak allows iPhone users to spoof locations, save media, set custom notification sounds and more. To stop this, Snapchat locked out accounts of users. But users found a way to unlock their accounts, which were locked due to Cydia Tweak like Phantom.

Snapchat+ Cydia Tweak

Now, in the latest move, Jailbreakers have come up with a new tweak for Snapchat; this tweak works on the latest version of Snapchat, and this doesn’t cause lockout.

This new tweak, which is christened Snapchat+ allows users to ward off the Snapchat crackdown. However, developers of Phantom are planning to update the tweak to dodge restrictions imposed by Snapchat.

Till that time, you can use Snapchat+ and enjoy the app. To add this new version, you need to add this repo in your Cydia sources:

After adding this repo, find Snapchat+. This will help you avoid the threat of lockout.

Benefits of Snapchat+ are many; now you can do everything that you couldn’t on Snapchat. Autosave your snaps, disable snap countdown & view receipt, spoof Snapchat settings, save chat messages, disable screenshot log and shutter sound.

Until you get updated version of Phantom on your iPhone, you can enjoy these features of Snapchat+. No worries about Snapchat restrictions!

While you are having a fun time with your Snapchat+, remember that the game is still on; the ball is now in Snapchat’s court. Let’s see if Snapchat comes up with a clincher!