The camera of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is no wonder of great quality for capturing stunning pictures. But no matter how precise a camera is designed, in the end, it's going to be a smartphone camera. They can never replace the professional cameras that capture a wide range of pictures with great quality.

This limitation motivated bitplay to create a product that can eradicate the problem from the roots. Snap! Pro, a case for iPhone 6/6s is a breakthrough in the accessory industry. If you are holding your iPhone 6/6s backside, no one would be able to judge it as a smartphone. That's because they will mistake it to be a digital camera. That’s the beauty of this case.

BitPlay Snap Pro iPhone 6-6s Case

SNAP! PRO iPhone 6/6s Case

Snap! Pro has a physical shutter button, a strip to hang your iPhone on your wrist, and range of different lenses included. These are just the starters; we have the main course waiting for you below. So don't miss out the details of this excellent case.


Snap Pro iPhone 6-6s Case

Capturing a picture using your iPhone 6/6s is easy, but turn your device to landscape and that's when your hands start to fumble. Instead of focusing on the pose, you'll be more concerned about your hand hindering the camera. This is when Snap! Pro comes to help. It has a physical shutter button, which works seamlessly with the native Camera app. Apart from that, the back of the case is matte finished and hence, gives a perfect grip while holding it.

Safety and durability

Snap! Pro case isn't just for capturing photos using your iPhone easily; it is also a case. That's why the makers have taken care of the issue and addressed it with dual-layer protection in the case. The outer side of the case is made up of a soft rubber so that it can absorb the shocks. On the other hand, the inner layer consists of hard material, which will not transfer impact to the device. Need some more? The four corners of the frame have extra cushioned rubber, making it highly reliable when you accidentally fall the iPhone.


Snap Pro iPhone 6-6s Case Lenses

The case comes with six different lenses to suit your photography conditions. These lenses do not come in a single bundle; there are different perks at a different price. The basic function of these lenses is to improve the overall photography experience to professional level. Also, if you have an earlier model of Snap! Pro that is, Snap 6, then these lenses can fit in that case too.


Ever wondered why there's a little bump on the digital camera? That's because it gives you a stable grip over it and your frame does not shake. Keeping that in mind, Snap! Pro comes with the same kind of bump, which you can fix on the back of the case. This helps in two ways, one it gives you a great grip, other it looks cool and people often mistake your iPhone to a digital camera. This grip can also be removed and replace with the alternate available. In addition, the makers have also taken care of your thumb and provided a special thumb rest, so that it does not hinder or touch the iPhone screen.

Miscellaneous features

There are so many tiny features that make this case fantastic for capturing photos and at the same time, look stylish and protect your iPhone 6/6s. Some of the most useful features are tripod compatibility, wrist strap for additional security, no third-party app requirement, and support for every ports and function of your device.

Color options

There are two color choices available for the case: white and black. The extra grip comes in two options; one is default with the case while the other is the wooden one, made from walnut and maple.

Price: $79
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Snap Pro iPhone 6/6s Case Video Review

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