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Snafwho Consulting Services iPhone App Review

As we are going to talk about the iPhone app for giving and getting advice, let me start with saying, “Half knowledge is far more dangerous than complete ignorance” – Thomas Babington Macaulay. Elaborating it further, we all are skilled in most of the task we encounter in life, but we are not expert of all domain. When we assume that we know about something and act upon it, we are most likely to end up with a mess.

This is the time we need someone who has “Complete Knowledge,” rather than acting with partial knowledge. For instance, you may be good with mathematics or gardening, but not an expert. But there’s someone out there who is doing it every single day; he has much more experience and knowledge of the specific domain.

Review: Snafwho Consulting Services iPhone App

But the question is, how do you find such a talent for consultation? Snafwho is the answer. Created by Christine Vinson, the iOS app effectively help individuals to utilize their existing skills to earn extra money. It doesn’t matter how unique your skills are; there’s always someone looking for it. To explain about Snafwho in details below is the in-depth review of the app and its services.

Get Started as a consultant

Let’s say you work as a teacher your entire life, while marketing is your passion. You may possess a lot of knowledge about using marketing strategies, but you lack the certification required by the domain. No more worries, you can create your profile on the Snafwho with all the details you have, along with your availability, and your pricing.

Snafwho iPhone Consulting Services App

People across the globe can view your profile and may hire you. You are at liberty to accept, reject, or update their request. On successful consultation, the user or say an employer gives the consultant a rating. Based on the ratings, your profile will be ranked amongst other consultants.

You don’t need any special certification or license to work as a consultant on the app. You just need to make sure that the consultation your give is going to solve the problem, and not create a new one.

Communicate with consultant

The app has integrated a useful and straightforward communication channel between the user and the consultant. They can chat over the text to discuss problem and solutions, or they can have a voice call, all within the app. If that doesn’t help, the app also has a facility for video calling which can surely help in having an active and productive communication.

Snafwho Consulting Services iPhone App

This is something of great use, as neither of the two will have to share any personal details like cell number. This protects privacy and a safe environment to make money or receive expert advice.

No Certification required

Most of the professional job opening in almost all corporates require you to have proven qualification related to the position. To some extent it is acceptable, but we have seen again and again that just because someone doesn’t possess education of a particular field, does not necessarily mean that he/she is not an expert.

If you fall under the Non-Professional skilled category, this is the platform for you. You may have innovative ways to get things done that are not traditionally taught in schools or college. You can use those skills, without needing to have any certification or license, and earn money.

Price: Free

Closing Note…

We started the topic with a famous quote, and we end it with one more – “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself” – Oscar Wilde. Don’t let your knowledge, your skills to be worthless. Let it help someone and also make some quick bucks out of it.

With that said, let’s call it a day, but it’s not the end. You may also wish to read a little more, below are some posts that may interest you.

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