SmartWatcher App Turns Your iPhone And Apple Watch

SmartWatcher iPhone and Apple Watch App

There’s no doubt that humans have advanced a lot when it comes to technology. At the same time, we also cannot deny the fact that humans are one of the most dangerous species prevalent on Earth. Crimes have become like a piece of cake these days, and we tend to worry about our loved ones when they are out.

It’s also not possible to follow our kids or family all the time. So what’s the way to make sure they are safe when they are roaming far from your eyes? SmartWatcher app is an answer to the question. SmartWatcher app for iPhone and Apple Watch works like a guarding for your loved ones. Let’s take a deeper insight into features and functionality of this app.

SmartWatcher Personal Safety App for iPhone and Apple Watch

Adding Guardians

SmartWatcher allows you to add up to 12 watchers. These watchers can be your family or friends, depending on whom you wish to call for rescue in case of emergencies. You can add just one or fill all 12 spaces; we would recommend using all 12. That’s because some of your friends or family might not be available or may be too far from you to provide help.

User Interface

As the primary focus of the app is safety, the user interface has to be simple. You’ll not want to navigate through different screens to call for help. That’s why the app offers one-touch alarm feature. Whether it is your Apple Watch or your iPhone, the help is just one tap away. As soon as you call for help, the watchers will be alarmed about you.

Alerts and Notification

In the case of an emergency and calling for help from the Watchers, the spectators will receive a notification on their device along with your position. The area can be viewed by them on Maps, allowing them to trace you easily and reach out to your help.

Rigorous monitoring

SmartWatcher Personal Safety App for iPhone and Apple Watch

As part of additional security, the app offers one more function called Continuous Safety Monitoring. Once activated, it will require you to confirm periodically whether you are safe or not. In case you miss to confirm, the app will automatically notify the watchers you have added to the app. This indeed comes to help in case of medical emergency, where you aren’t even able to tap the screen.

Miscellaneous features

The Apple Watch app also offers customization feature. You can customize Watch face with Smart Watcher app on the main screen for easy access. Apart from that, according to the developer, the list of features is just beginning. They will be adding more features with regular updates to the app.


The SmartWatcher app supports only devices with iOS 9 or later and Apple Watch. If you have an earlier version of iOS, then the app will not install.


SmartWatcher app is free for a month to try; then they have different subscription plan starting from $0.99/month to $9.99/annually. Also, the app has an auto-renewal facility, means it will charge you automatically on the end of subscription unless you deactivate the option, at least 24-hour prior.

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