SmartSearch is a Cydia tweak that adds power to Spotlight search. The description goes like this: why waste time opening Safari/Chrome? Just type the question in the Spotlight search field and you get the answers right within the Spotlight page.

This is one of the few tweaks aimed at making the least-used page on your iPhone more powerful.

Interestingly, the tweak comes at the cusp of people shifting to iOS 7, where the Spotlight has been somewhat pushed back.

We recently covered TaskMaster, a Cydia tweak aimed at making the Spotlight search much more useful with widgets and info panels. SmartSearch takes the cue but makes the Spotlight search an instant query field. Much like how you'd find on Google.

SmartSearch Cydia Tweak

SmartSearch accesses data from Google, if I'm not wrong. The package derives its power from SearchLoader (which will be installed if you haven't, already). The first result on the Spotlight search is the result of your query in the search field. You can ask questions, definitions and more.

The developer says that SmartSearch knows almost everything which, in our random tests, appears to be somewhat true.

Since we're talking about a free tweak here, I think you'll benefit a lot from this tweak. It's light-weight and configurable via Settings Search Loader Spotlight Search.

You will have to change the order of ‘Smart Search' in the list so that it appears right on top (or in an order of your choice). Preferably, keep it right on top so you get the first result from Smart Search.

When you tap on SmartSearch's result, it opens Safari.

SmartSearch is a free tweak on BigBoss. Grab it!