Cases have always been a popular purchase among mobile phone owners keen to protect their device, yet the products have become so widely used that they are no longer seen as an optional accessory, but an essential buy.

This is the suggestion of new research from online retailer The Snugg, which has shown that the majority of smartphone users also own a case. According to the worldwide survey, almost three-quarters of respondents (74 per cent) currently possess a cover – and most of these use them for the protection they offer.

Indeed, it was demonstrated that 66 per cent of those questioned believe the protective qualities of covers represent their most important element. With people relying on their smartphones for many aspects of their everyday living – mobile shopping and checking social media are now just as important to users as calling and texting – it seems many people are keen to give their phone the protection it deserves.

Choosing Smartphone Case

A broken smartphone can prevent a person from carrying out the tasks they have grown used to performing on a daily basis, so it is of little surprise people are keen to cushion against any drops. However, the poll revealed protection is not the only reason why cases have become such a popular purchase, with many respondents also citing the aesthetic value of the products.

It was shown that 18 per cent of those questioned consider style to be the most important aspect of a case, with a further four per cent claiming colour is the element they care about most. Smartphones have become something of a fashion accessory in recent times, and the wide range of covers now available means people have the opportunity to dress their phone up however they wish.

The results pointed to cost being another top consideration among smartphone case buyers, with 12 per cent stating price is the main factor taken into account when making a purchase. This indicates people are keen to buy a case that fits their budget – yet the fact 26 per cent of respondents are willing to pay more than £20 for a cover suggests individuals have few qualms about spending more to protect their phone.

The findings illustrate cases are now considered an essential purchase for smartphone owners around the world, with people increasingly recognising the benefits the products bring. However, the findings suggest it is protection that remains the number one draw for people eager to safeguard their investment as best they can.

The statistics in this piece are from a global survey conducted by The Snugg.