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We wrote about Slo-Mo, the iPhone app to capture and render slow-motion videos on older iPhones that do not have the 120fps feature that iPhone 5s boasts.

Apparently, SlowCam flooded the tech world recently and it looks like it has taken all the cake for the best slow-motion app for the iPhone. It's simple, it's easy and it's one of the fastest ways to capture slow motion videos on your iPhone. The recommended phone is iPhone 5/5c although it works on iPhone 4/4s too.

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SlowCam works pretty much the same way as iPhone 5s's built-in slo-mo feature. It captures videos in higher fps to produce a result (at 30fps) where the video looks slowed down. Naturally, the results are great in iPhone 5s – where you can use the app to capture slow motion videos outside the native camera app – and also in iPhone 5/5c where the maximum frame rate is 60fps – a good value for producing slow motion videos.

Slowcam Slow-Motion iPhone App

On the iPhone 4/4s, the app works but since the highest frame rate for capture is 30fps, the effects aren't good.

Here are some good things about SlowCam:

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  • Background render: while the app processes the slow motion video you captured, you can continue recording other videos.
  • Smooth transition between normal and slow-motion. Somehow, the effects are seamless.
  • iPhone 5: 60fps and iPhone 5s: 120fps. The app automatically sets the best frame rate for recording.
  • Zoom
  • Save video in camera roll and also, share instantly (rendered) on various social channels.

The best thing about SlowCam is that it's simple to use. There are no hassles when it's time to record slow motion videos. Rendering is smooth and ultimately, on the iPhone 5, the results are just great.

If you're using iPhone 5/5c, SlowCam is the perfect medicine for iPhone 5s slo-mo envy.

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Price: $1.99
Download SlowCam

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Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of iGeeksBlog.com. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

  • Luiz H. Bitteti

    Hi guys this is also a very good app, better than SlowCam in my opinion, that let you edit videos in fast or slow motion, after being done. It was launched in the middle of this year (2015)

    Flow Fast and Slow Motion for iOS

  • ipad_fan

    Connie: Go to iOS Settings in your iPhone, then Privacy->Photos and enable access for SlowCam

  • Connie Parsons

    Hi, I’ve downloaded Slowcam (iphone 5) but when I attempt to use it I get the message,”Can’t save in photos library. To save in photos library you need to go to the Settings app and enable Photos writing for this app.” I have no idea what that means. I see nothing at all that would allow me to enable photo writing for the app.

    Thank you for any help you can give me,