Slow Wi-Fi After macOS Sierra Update? Tips to Fix It

Slow Wi-Fi After macOS Sierra Update

Some of my friends who recently updated their Mac to macOS Sierra have reported that Wi-Fi has become rather slow after the software update. It’s a minor issue which can be easily fixed with a few quick tips.

Have you also faced with the slow WiFi issue after the macOS Sierra update? Follow these tips to speed up the ailing Wi-Fi on your Mac.

Wi-Fi Running Slow in macOS Sierra Tips to Speed It Up

Solution #1 Quick Round-Up

  • First up, you need to power off the router. (Check out if there is any request for the update.)
  • Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi as well
  • Reboot your Mac
  • Once your Mac has restarted, power on the router and turn on Wi-Fi

Solution #2 De-Select Proxies

Step #1. Head over to System Preferences.

Launch System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Click on Network.

Click on Network on Mac

Step #3. Click on Advanced.

Click on Advanced in Mac Network Settings

Step #4. Click on Proxies Tab → Now, you have to uncheck the box ticked under Select Protocol → Click on OK followed by Apply.

Uncheck Protocols in Mac Network Settings

Solution #3 Reset Network to Default

Resetting network configuration to factory setting on your Mac can help you fix the slow-moving Wi-Fi.

Step #1. Turn off WiFi. Then, you need to unplug network connection.

Step #2. In Finder on your Mac Click GO type path:  /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration

Click on Go to Folder in Finder on Mac
Go To SystemConfiguration Folder on Mac

Step #3. Then, you have to rename  preferences.plist  to  preferences.plist.bak

Rename preferences.plist on Mac

Step #4. Reboot your Mac.

Now, a new preferences.plist will be created and the network configuration will be reset to factory default.

Solution #4 Remove the existing Wi-Fi preferences

If the first two solutions haven’t worked in fixing the problem, remove the existing Wi-Fi preferences. As it will get rid of system configuration files, you must back up your Mac before going ahead with the process.

Step #1. To begin with, quit the apps in question.

Step #2. Next, you have to turn off the troubled apps using the WiFi menu. Then, turn off Wi-Fi as well.

Step #3. Now, open the Go folder and choose Go to folder.

Step #4. Next, you have to enter: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

Step #5. Up next, you have to select the files mentioned below.

Delete All Network Files on Mac

Step #6. Next, delete these files by simply moving them to the trash. Just in case, you don’t want to remove them, you can keep them in a separate folder.

Step #7. Next, you need to reboot your Mac. Once, it has been restarted, turn on Wi-Fi again and the apps from the Wi-Fi menu.

Check out! WiFi should start working properly.

That’s done!

macOS Sierra with smart features such as Auto-Unlock and Universal Clipboard is inarguably the biggest ever update. I’m sure you must be loving it a lot.

Do you have any tips to speed up WiFi in macOS Sierra? We would be really glad to know them in the comment box.

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