SloPro iPhone App: Do Slow Motion Videos in iPhone

While the internet gets flooded with iPhone 5s’s latest charm – the slo-mo video feature – users who haven’t upgraded to iPhone 5s might feel a little envious. I mean, seriously, the slo-mo capture is really smooth and awesome thanks to the 120fps camera.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot get a similar feature on your iPhone 5 or older iPhones and iPads. Missing the 120fps feature, the results of any slow-motion edit are going to be a little different from that of the original iPhone 5s, but you can still get close to it.

Here’s how.

  • Open the App Store
  • Search for an app called SloPro
  • Install it
  • Record a video with SloPro

Once recorded, the video gets stored within SloPro. Tap on the video to start editing it.

  • Tap on EDIT from top-right
  • Select the Clip In and Clip Out parts to select the portion of the video that you want the slo-mo applied to. (Position the seeker where you want to start editing and tap on Clip In. Repeat procedure for Clip Out.)
  • Tap on the Slow-motion options on top. You have a lot of options to play with, but the 500fps and the 1000fps are the key players in creating ultra-slow-motion videos
  • Once you’ve watched the preview of the slow-motion, it’s time to render
  • Tap on Render and select Optical Flow for the best results
Rendering Optical Flow in SloPro iPhone app
Rendering Optical Flow in SloPro iPhone app

SloPro is great when it comes to slowing down videos to make action shots look awesome. The most impressive part about it is that it works for older iPhones at a time when iPhone 5s owners are going to be the envy of other iPhone users. Also, it’s redesigned for iOS 7.

All said and done, there are serious limitations. First off, a 1000fps optical flow render does take a lot of time. The output is not going to be very smooth simply because the video wasn’t recorded at 120fps. Optical flow tries to merge data very smoothly but it has its own limitations while working on a 60fps or a 30fps video.

The best slo-mo captures can be taken with controlled settings. For example, have just one object move in the video. Use a stand or have a firm grip over the iPhone so it doesn’t shake.

SloPro is free on the App Store but it comes with a Pro option (in-app purchase).

Download SloPro.

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