There are a gazillion clip cases for the iPhone 5 out there in the market but none possibly as thin as the SlimClip to be launched by theWTFactory (Wonderful Things Factory).

Usually, we’re not one to jump on yet-to-launch products unless we feel they’re going to be really useful so when we first looked at SlimClip, what stuck as really interesting was the thickness of the case which also doubles up as a clip although not the conventional one.

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The SlimClip is basically an iPhone 5 case. Think of any normal polycarbonate/silicone rubber case draped over an iPhone 5 and you get the picture. But there’s a tiny little difference to SlimClip compared to other normal iPhone cases: there’s a really slim ‘cut’ which acts as a “clip” that can be clipped onto other things. As shown in the video, the SlimClip case can be slipped onto a lot of things and the sturdy-nature of the case means it stays rigid, holding the iPhone tightly.

SlimClip iPhone Case

Things are really curious at theWTFactory (including the name, yes!). The WonderfulThingsFactory is a new company and the guy behind this is Keith. The SlimClip is one of the three products being produced. The SlimClip Square, another product in the line, is an useful add-on so you can clip your iPhone 5 (with the SlimClip case) to anything: a wall, the monitor, cupboard doors etc.

What Does the SlimClip iPhone 5 case do?

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  • First off, it’s a case like many other iPhone cases so you get protection from bumps, from all the dust and stuff. The case – depending on the quality of production – can also help protect your iPhone from accidental drops.
  • Secondly, the case is a clip-on one. But unlike other bulky clip cases, this one’s really thin. Here’s what I’m saying:

SlimClip iPhone Case Tickness

  • Thirdly, the SlimClip appears to be a very minimal case with no bells and whistles. This basically means you have a clean and unobtrusive iPhone experience. There are some cases which just barge into a clear and unhindered usability but SlimClip doesn’t seem to be one of them.

SlimClip will be launched as a Kickstarter project. The project will go through to completion only when the budget is reached through crowdsourced funding. The project is set to go live on July 16th at 6.00 PM Eastern.

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