SlideIdea: Best iPad Presentation App for Creating Next-gen Presentations

SlideIdea is, in my opinion, a one-of-a-kind iPad presentation app for entrepreneurs, teachers, students and everyone who uses slides to present ideas. It has all the elements that make for an amazing presentation app but much more than that, it has a few unique social features that are unavailable in most other popular apps.

The basic premise of SlideIdea is to help you create amazing presentations in a jiffy – with all the ready-made templates, images, charts, graphs and more – and also make them interactive in a way that’s totally unique to the idea of “presentations.” I think that’s where SlideIdea wins.

SlideIdea iPad App Review

Launched only recently, SlideIdea works on iPads and Surface tablets but we’re focusing on the iPad experience here. And truth be told, it’s kind of totally new and exciting for someone who has only been creating presentations on big old PowerPoint.

A lot of apps like the Haiku Deck have solved the problem of creating slides on the iPad. The “creating” part of presentations is not really a problem anymore but new solutions are always welcome. SlideIdea does make it very simple, intuitive and easy to create slides. It offers a really easy, gesture-based process which makes creating slides a breeze.

But beyond this part of the overall presentation process, it’s the interactivity that strikes as totally unique.

SlideIdea iPad Presentation App

Stream/Broadcast to Individual Devices

One of the simplest features that SlideIdea app comes with is the ability to broadcast your slides not just to a projector but to individual devices – iPhones, iPads and other tablets/mobile devices – connected to the same Wi-fi network.

This has been implemented already and there are also workarounds that enable such a feature for other applications, but the implementation of this particular feature in SlideIdea is truly spectacular for all its simplicity.

SlideIdea Presentation App for iPad

Smart Widgets for Interactivity

The true ingenuity of SlideIdea appears to be what’s called ‘Smart Widgets’ – a collection of amazing interactive widgets that you can add to your slide to enable “audience participation”. Through this, your audience can ask questions, vote in polls, send messages and do much more right from their mobile devices.

The process is very simple too. As a presenter, you add the smart widgets to your slide. Each slide has a unique ID (a number) which can be used to login at.

Viewers of the slide can log in and interact with the slides, view them online and even add suggestions.

Your Slide, Collaboratively

SlideIdea also features collaborative slide presentations where two or more people can create and stream slides together. In the implementations so far, there has really been no real progress of solving this but SlideIdea has closed in and almost solved it.

With SlideIdea, you can collaborate with others – including audiences – and present slides sequentially (not simultaneously). Features like AirPlay and Wi-fi streaming make the whole process extremely simple.

A recent update also lets you embed YouTube and local videos into your slides. You can also add widget animations now.

SlideIdea is breathtakingly wonderful for its design, simplicity and for all those sharing features that make the whole app so powerful a tool.