How to Enable “Slide to Unlock” in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

How to Enable Slide to Unlock in iOS 10 on iPhone-iPad

iOS 10 has been, more or less, a runaway winner among beta testers. Packed in with tons of awesome features, it has the bucks to steal the heart of iPhone users, hasn’t it?

Despite being thoroughly impressed with iOS 10 features, one thing that I didn’t like initially just like most iPhone users is the sudden disappearance of the “Slide to Unlock” feature.

Important Note: This trick worked on iOS 10 Beta 1. It no longer works now. However, you can disable press home to unlock, read more.

The option to press the Home button to unlock the device didn’t appear to find favor among many users. If you are also not happy with the new functionality, there is an option to enable the “Slide to Unlock” on your iPhone. Let’s give it check it out!

How to Enable “Slide to Unlock” Feature in iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Starting off, you need to take a backup of your iPhone using iTunes. The backup must be unencrypted.

Step #2. Next, you have to download and install iBackupBot on your Mac/Windows.

Step #3. Now, launch iBackupBot and select your backup.

Step #4. On the sidebar, you need to open /System Files/Home Domain/Library/Preferences.

Step #5. Then, you have to double click to open

Step #6. Up next, you will have to add the following two lines in it after the header information.



Step #7. Save the file.

Step #8. Finally, close iBackupBot and restore a backup from iTunes.

(Due to a bug in iBackBot, the restoring of a single file to your device seems to be problematic. To ensure the problem doesn’t come in the way or prevent the process, the restore should be done in iTunes. )

Step #9. Once the process is completed successfully, the iPhone will reboot. Once it has restarted, “Slide to unlock” will be back on your device.

That’s it!

Take a look at the video walkthrough

Video Credit: Billy Ellis

Among several all new changes and features that have arrived in iOS 10, the one feature which I like most is Low-Quality Image Mode. Once you have enabled this feature on your iOS device, it will not just let you conserve a lot of mobile data but also the battery on your device.

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