SlateMath for Kids: Coolest iPad Education App for Learning Math

SlateMath for Kids (from Slate Science) is probably the finest math learning app on the iPad. It’s designed for 1st graders and kindergarten in a way that seems most fitting to impart education through fun-filled games/activities.

Built on the foundation of many years of research and under the guidance of experienced early-age math educators, SlateMath definitely hits the right chords in being a holy grail when it comes to iPad learning app for kids.

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SlateMath iPad App Review

Playful Interaction

Kids Math App for iPad

SlateMath has been designed to be engaging – as against only playful or game-like. For a first grader (or even higher), the app is a curious mixture of interactive and engaging little challenges/puzzles. I think that’s one of the hardest things to achieve for any app. Treading that fine line between being a game-like app while being engaging too – all the while imparting knowledge through a set of puzzles.

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The app comes with over 30 different “lessons” designed around the common core standard. The lessons are clearly segregated into different sections that make a continuous learning process easy.

Graphics, Design, and Usability

SlateMath for Kids iPad Education App

When there’s a simple design/interface guiding the whole user-experience, you can bet that it’s a good app. There’s nothing fancy or over-the-board regarding SlateMath’s interface. It’s as simple as it can get, without letting the user fumble for controls and settings. Everything is clear, concise and friendly.

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The activities/puzzles/games/lessons are themselves designed to be engaging – as mentioned before. Audio-guidance makes the app really interactive.

One of the problems with a few iPad education apps that we’ve seen/used is about gestures. The iPad does come with a lot of gesture-support, but it wouldn’t exactly be great to expect kids to be familiar with it. And that’s why SlateMath is fun and friendly: it doesn’t rely on gestures or other fancy features. It’s all tap-tap and go.

Establishing a Strong Math Foundation

SlateMath for Kids iPad Education App for Learning Math

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SlateMath for iPad does not diverge from its primary focus throughout the app. The emphasis on learning math, building a strong foundation for numbers is clear through the app’s various features. Backed by years of research, the lessons are designed and crafted to be easy, challenging and at the same time, fun. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing birds, bees, using beads, fishes and more.

For a free app, SlateMath brings quite a bunch of things to the table. While not one-of-a-kind, it certainly has all the necessary lessons to help your kid grasp the fundamentals easily. The app comes in at 113MB – for a free education app, that’s huge.

Price: Free
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Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


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