Slimmest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases from SkinCase: Thinnest Case Alive

Skin iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases are rightly claimed as the thinnest with just 0.01-inch thickness. But, has it enough to attract your smartphone or make you pay for it? Check out the review:

Though I’m not a case-less guy, I have a huge penchant for thin cases. The well-known secret behind their looking so cool is that they add a little bulk to your iPhone; letting the device reveal its class with all hue and colors. Folks who don’t want the elegance of iPhone get hidden underneath heavy cases, prefer to pick slim suits.

SkinCase, which is well-known to produce remarkably thin cases, has come up with yet another stunner. But this time, it has taken the class a few notches higher that has resulted in arguably the thinnest case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Is the slim case good enough for a deserving shot on your new iPhone? More after the jump…

Skin iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases: World’s Slimmest iPhone Cases

Carved to Be Incredibly Thin

With just 0.01 thicknesses, the skin case is touted to be the thinnest iPhone case ever. It’s almost invisible to the eye. Your smartphone continues to flaunt its sleek appeal even when the case is on. That’s what makes this suit so special.

It’s been 4-5 days since I put this slim case on my iPhone 7 Plus. I never felt like carrying anything more than the phone. With the more comfortable grip, it feels nice to hold the device.

Ultra-Svelte Design

The case fits snuggly on the iPhone. The picture perfect cutout for the camera, port, speakers, and buttons, as well as reinforced camera bump ensures it makes a dashing match with the smartphone.

Thin iPhone 7-7 Plus Cases from SkinCase

In order to allow the device to shine through as if there is nothing on it; the company has not included its branding. The effort has paid off really well.

Premium Material

The skin case has been carved out of anti-bacterial plastic (polypropylene). The top grade material strengthens its durability; even though the eyes fail to feel the pulse.

SkinCase Slim iPhone 7-7 Plus Case

Initially, I was a bit skeptical about its durability since it’s so thin. But once I put my hands on it, my view changed. Being exceptionally soft and flexible, the case not just remains at the top of its quality for long but also doesn’t get worn out.

Style and Comfort

The thin case is happy to play the second fiddle and allow the iPhone to do all the talking. All it does is get wrapped around the iPhone to keep it safeguarded from scratch. And, it does succeed in its endeavor to provide the complete freedom to the phone to express itself without any bar. Hence, the case looks as stylish as your iPhone is.

As for comfort, the thin case brings with it nothing but the almost unnoticeable film that settles on beautifully. So the rule is pretty simple, if you love carrying nothing but your iPhone and find it very convenient, you are going to like it a lot. Most significantly, the case with better grip would make a bit more convenient for you to hold your smartphone in hand.

Wrapping Up…

Skin case has been crafted to pair your iPhone. Being supremely thin, soft and flexible, it settles adorable on your smartphone. Its excellence lies in making the device look as impressive as it really is. The high-quality material and neat design add more flair to it.

White Slim iPhone 7-7 Plus CaseBlack Slim iPhone 7-7 Plus CaseGold Slim iPhone 7-7 Plus CasePriced at $24.99 and available in silver, black, rose gold, gold color variants, it’s a reasonable deal given many thin cases are more expensive despite being less useful. As for whether I would like to spend my bucks to buy it or not, I would say “Yes” without any iota of hesitation.

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