Skee-Ball is obviously one of the coolest arcade games ever. I think there have been a couple of iOS versions of the game but Skee-Ball Arcade from Scopely takes the cake for the best Skee-Ball iPhone game ever.

Notwithstanding the fact that it's the official Skee-Ball Arcade game built for iOS (the first official game), the game itself has been designed wonderfully with many levels of gameplay, interesting multi-player options, in-game achievements and whatnot. This is almost an entire world you can lose yourself into.

Skee-Ball Arcade for iPhone & iPad Best Addictive Arcade Game

Arcade games have had a profound effect in the way they have shaped the gaming economy on mobile platforms. Almost every real-life game that you can think of has an iOS counterpart. Skee-Ball Arcade is probably one of those rare games that have remained confined to the real world. Yes, there are some Skee Ball apps but I think they are really kind of novice or flat. The interpretation isn't just right.

Skee-Ball Arcade Addictive Game for iPhone & iPad

Scopely's Skee-Ball Arcade doesn't just bring the arcade game to your iPhone or iPad. The coolest thing about any such transfer is how you add new features that are native to an ecosystem like iOS to the gameplay itself. This game does it perfectly.

From the game's description:

  • Play dozens of games at once with friends and family anywhere in the world!
  • Compete daily in massive tournaments for fabulous prizes!
  • Enjoy several gameplay options through a variety of unique machines, including Galaxy, Basketball, Candy, and Pinball!
  • Connect with friends through Facebook, Twitter or SMS!
  • Chat with buddies via in-game messaging!
  • Amp up your game with countless explosive power ups!
  • Unlock new content by completing in-game achievements!

Tournaments with friends and other opponents make the game kind of challenging and addictive. The game has all the traditional effects and feel but adds a lot more to it that makes it quite interesting.

Although the app itself is free and runs on both the iPhone and the iPad (running iOS 6.0+), you have a lot of in-app purchases that can add to your gameplay.

Price: Free
Download Skee-Ball Arcade

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