Siri Speaker Features: A Glimpse of What Apple’s Speaker Would Flaunt

Siri Speaker Features

Though the rumors about Siri Speaker had been blowing hot and cold for quite some time, they have picked up more pace recently. The latest rumors suggest that Apple is likely to unveil an Amazon Echo competitor—Siri Speaker at the upcoming WWDC. Given how curious many of you are about the device, I thought it’s apt to put some light on the rumored Siri Smart Speaker features.

Though the likelihood of Siri Speaker’s launch at 28th WWDC is said to be just around 50%, it would be really interesting to catch up with all those wings that are steaming up with a lot of intensity recently. Enough talk, let’s dive right in to have a glimpse of what the speaker may come with!

Siri Speaker Features

Siri Smart Speaker Design: Fat Body Sporting Mesh Exterior

According to well-known leaker Sonny Dickson, the speaker will feature a Mac Pro-like concave top with built-in controls. The device could also be fat very much like the Google Home speaker with a mesh material covering the exterior.

As per reports, Apple created a couple of versions of the so-called Siri Speaker during the prototype phase. While one is said to be larger, the other is rumored to be smaller.

Sound Quality

It will feature powerful speaker and advanced microphone technology. One woofer and seven tweeters will deliver awesome acoustic performance. Various reports suggest that Apple’s speaker would have much better sound quality than Amazon Echo. If these reports are able to hit across the line, get ready for an amazing music time powered by the Smart Speaker.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is reported to be one of the most important features of the Speaker. It will let the device quickly find out which member of the house it’s interacting with and adjust itself accordingly.

It could also be able to determine the emotional state of a person. Taking full advantage of facial recognition, the device will instantly bring up information in keeping with person’s preferences. Hence, it will be able to carry out actions like adjusting room aspects, playing the sort of music that the person loves listening.

Thanks to the facial recognition technology, Apple’s smart speaker will offer an amazing customized interactive experience.

Third-party Apps

With the third-party Siri integration, the device will be more versatile. As per reports, Apple will launch an SDK to let developers make their apps compatible to work with the smart speaker.

Some reports also suggest that the device will run a modified version of iOS. It’s also said to come with a unique form of Beats technology.

How Smart will Siri Speaker Be?

If rumor mills prove to be true, Siri Speaker will be outstanding. It will carry out functions like playing music and podcasts. Besides, it will read email, send the message, stream content from Apple Music, deliver news headlines and a lot more.

With the Siri integration, the device will be able to respond to queries. It will also work as a smart home hub allowing users to easily control smart home products such as, plugs, lights, locks etc.

Touch Panel Display

Siri Speaker may feature a touch panel display to let users easily control the device. It will allow the device to compete with Amazon Echo Show.

“So there’s many moments where a voice assistant is really beneficial, but that doesn’t mean you’d never want a screen. So the idea of not having a screen, I don’t think suits many situations. For example if I’m looking for directions and I’m using Maps, Siri can tell me those directions by voice and that’s really convenient but it’s even better if I can see that map, and I can see what turns are coming up, and I can see where there is congestion, I understand better my route, and what I’m going to do.” – Apple marketing chief, Phil Schiller

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also predicted that the speaker will feature a touch panel.

Siri Speaker Price and Release Date

As mentioned above, the Siri Speaker may be announced at the upcoming WWDC event which is to be held on June 5-9. The tech giant would launch it later this year. Its price is likely to be around $175-$200.

Rumors suggest that the Smart Speaker would be priced higher than Amazon Echo ($179).

Wrapping up

What’s your take on the Smart Speaker? Would you like to buy it? Have you any wishlist for it? Do let us know your feedback about it in the comments below.

Personally, I would love to put my hands on the Speaker as it would be absolute fun to use it. Besides, it’s likely to come with several impressive features.

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