Siri’s Privacy Protection Improved As Apple To Resume Voice Grading in Fall

Apple's pioneering intelligent assistant voice grading has been called off on concerns of privacy protection, says official press release. With improved terms, Siri voice grading will begin again this Fall.

Stating that privacy is a fundamental human right, it would protect users’ personal data, and improve privacy protections over Siri – its pioneering intelligent assistant. Also, the voice grading program is suspended with immediate effect but would resume in Fall, said Apple in its press release.

It announced the suspension of its grading program which had people hearing the Siri voice recordings that raised the red flag on data privacy and rights of its users.

Siri Voice Grading Program Conducted to Improve its Performance

Seeking to allay fears it stated, “We store Siri data on our servers, we don’t use it to build a marketing profile and we never sell it to anyone. We use Siri data only to improve Siri, and we are constantly developing technologies to make Siri even more private.”

Recently, we had carried information about Apple Contractors and workers hearing the Siri recordings called voice grading to improve the Intelligent Voice Assistant’s performance.

The Guardian carried news recently informing that Apple was laying off employees at its facilities in Cork, Ireland and the rest of Europe. The news also informed that Apple immediately suspended the ‘doubtfully ethical’ Siri voice grading program resulting in job losses.

The press release went at length to explain how Siri recorded the location of a user who wanted to know about an event. Similarly, the location was required and recorded for a user who wanted to purchase from a local store. In this case, the location was generally saved for better prediction and thus stored.

It gave another case where Siri would unread the message in voice. It would do so, while they (messages) were never transmitted to the Siri servers as there was no need to do so, the presser informed.

Siri Users Get Opt In & Opt Out Options With No Default Voice Recording

“Siri uses a random identifier — a long string of letters and numbers associated with a single device — to keep track of data while it’s being processed, rather than tying it to your identity through your Apple ID or phone number — a process that we believe is unique among the digital assistants in use today. For further protection, after six months, the device’s data is disassociated from the random identifier.

In iOS, we offer details on the data Siri accesses, and how we protect your information in the process, in Settings → Siri & Search → About Ask Siri & Privacy.”

Check About Ask Siri & Privacy Information on iPhone or iPadApple, thus offering improvements in Siri Voice Assistant’s Privacy Protection terms can assure its customers and fans the security of their valuable personal information.

How reassured are you on Apple’s data and privacy protection on the above actions taken and its voice grading program resumption in Fall? Should Apple do more to ensure your privacy remains protected? Share your views, if any.