There were times when you were completely unaware of what was going on overhead? For instance, when you saw an airplane flying over your head; did you know what airplane was that? Where was it coming from? When and where it would land? The most probably answer would be “no”. You just left imagining all that. But now, you can know all what were impossible for you earlier –thanks to “Siri” in iPhone.

Siri What Planes are Flying OverheadYes, “Siri” in iPhone will tell you about the flight, its number (Boeing 767-300, Airbus or Cessna), altitude, angle, aircraft type, destination, time, location and many more. You will get all the information through sky map showing you up the exact location of the flight. You may be amazed thinking that how does Siri behave like a human and where does it get the information from? Well, ‘Siri’ is connected to Wolfram Alpha –a computational knowledge engine. So, when you ask a question to it, goes to Wolfram Alpha. It gets data from ADS-B which is Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast –a kind of technology that tracks Aircrafts through satellite navigation. Siri is able to access those data and hence, it can give the exact detail of the flight flying over your head.

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Well, to know the detail of the flight you need to ask Siri the question like that:

  • What planes are flying overhead?
  • What is flying overhead?
  • What planes are flying over me?

You can even ask taking the exact location name such as “What planes are flying over Alaska?”

After asking, you will get the all information about the plane flying over you, though you will get 5 minutes delay information. Meanwhile, if there is more than one flight flying overhead at the time of asking, the “Siri” will show you the details of all the planes overhead through sky map. You can see the details of the planes by scrolling the map.

However, it works with traditional aircraft or planes perhaps; it will not determine any international aircrafts/planes or helicopters. At the same time, Siri will provide you this facility in USA only so far as a lot many users are complaining about Siri not working outside USA. However, you can use travelling apps to determine or locate airplanes flying overhead.

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This is the best way to locate if any of your relatives is to land on and you are waiting to receive. You can easily locate which flight your relative is boarding in. Moreover, you can enjoy this to fulfill your curiosity. We hope, you will enjoy using Siri all in a new way. Honestly speaking, it works wonder!