With its intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator, Apple’s iOS 9 can actually read your mind. If you are using the latest operating system on your iPhone, you must be aware of major iOS 9 features, including one I am talking about.

For others, it’s Siri; you can ask questions, instruct Siri to set reminders & alarms for you, tell Siri to send messages and more. Siri works like your personal assistant does in office (if you are one of the top managers in a big corporation.)

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iOS 9 Can Read Your Mind

Siri in iOS 9: A Mind reader, a Personal Assistant, and a Knowledge Navigator

Since your personal assistant knows your likes and dislikes, when you would like to listen to music, what kind of food you prefer and such other things; Siri too is smart enough to scan your habits. And based on this, Siri offers you suggestions and recommendations.

For example, every morning I go to the gym for a workout, and I like to play some energetic songs. So Siri would offer me such recommendations with spirited beats when I insert my hands-free into the port.

Not only this, Siri keeps keen eyes on apps I use every morning; so based on what kind of apps I regularly use during different times of day, it will suggest the app – whether it could be Apple Music, news or social media app like Facebook or Twitter.

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A step ahead, Siri knows which app you use more at which location. Confused? If you use Twitter or LinkedIn more at office and Facebook at home, it would suggest the related apps in your multitasking screen. Now this can be something cool for an iPhone user, who gets the recommendation which apps s/he uses at which place.

This welcome feature makes life easier and simplifies our tasks. But at the same time, all users have to accept this fact that Siri can read your minds.

iOS 9 is to be launched in fall 2015, and Siri will be a significant feature on your iDevice.

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