Siri in Apple Watch Can Help You To Send Text Message And Email

Nowadays, Siri in Apple has become the talk of the town. Apple fans are curious to know how Siri will work with Apple Watch and how they can make use of it efficiently.

However, two most hitting discussion about Siri is going around, first, whether it will help users to send a text message or email, and secondly what is the primary use of “Siri” in Apple Watch. Let’s take a glance.

Siri in Apple Watch Can Help You To Send Text Message And EmailHow Siri in Apple Watch Can Help You To Send Text Message And Email

Now, coming to the first question, yes, you can send the text message via Siri through Apple Watch. You do not need to type any letters; just bring the watch close to your mouth, say “Hey Siri,” ask it to message contact and dictate it what you want Siri to type. However, it is not confirmed yet whether you can send email using “Siri” or not.

Just to predict, if you can send the text message through it then definitely, you can send an email too. Conversely, the other aspect of it is “email” usually, requires a long text dictation and complicated procedure unlike text messaging and that is why it has not been made clear. The suspense over sending email will get end once the Apple Watch gets released and starts shipping out to the users.

Talking to next discussion, what exactly the main purpose of Siri in Apple Watch. We think you may have got the overall answer of it. However, let’s take a look at the use of Siri in Apple Watch.

The Siri in Watch is fully automated to provide you utmost pleasure and let you fun using it. You can set daily or day schedule via Siri by dictating it. E.g. if you have to fix an important meeting, just ask Siri to fix the meeting to your given time, and It will keep reminding when your next appointment is.

Most importantly, if you are preparing tea or cooking something, then you can set reminders for 3 minutes (or according to your requirement) using it to alarm you up. If eggs get boiled for 5 minutes, then set up a reminder for 5 minutes and do your other pending work. Exactly, after 5 minutes Siri will remind you up about your eggs. This way you can set up reminder if you have to call someone in some time.

Siri can guide your ways to reach your destination; to do so you need to ask Siri for direction and map will help you out to reach your pre-set destination suggesting you when to take right and left.

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