Even though Siri has seen tremendous improvements with the arrival of iOS 10, the personal assistant has received a lot of criticism from both experts and fans for failing to answer some of the queries that its rival-Google Assistant can respond instantly. Apple, as always, has taken the criticism head on and working very hard to further enhance the capability of the virtual assistant.

As per an Apple Patent, Siri will be able to not just interject in iMessage but also help schedule meetings based on location as well as an availability of the users. As for instance, if one of the persons who involved in the chat ask, “By when will you guys reach London?” Siri will quickly check everyone’s location and answer the question.

Apple to Integrate Siri into iMessage

Apple to Integrate Siri into iMessage

“While current systems enable users to communicate and perform tasks, users are required to manually perform the tasks. For example, a group of users attempting to schedule lunch needs to determine an available day and time that works for each member of the group. This can require each user to check their calendar and share available times with other users. Likewise, a group of users attempting to perform a financial transaction needs to determine a payment method for performing the transaction. This can require each user to determine the payment methods available to the individual user and then share this data amongst the other members of the group. Accordingly, improvements are needed.” – Apple Patent

Given the cut-throat competition, it’s high time Siri silenced its critics for the better much to the wish of many iPhone users. A more accurate, apt, competent virtual assistant can make iDevices even more useful.

“A task can include scheduling a meeting, performing a financial transaction, determining an estimated time of arrival, providing directions, providing weather information, alerting a user of relevant information.”

As an iPhone user, I am quite happy to see the integration of third-party apps with Siri. Hence, you can now use this personal assistant to send money, send a message to any WhatsApp users and more. To take the best advantage of it, you can also customize it as per your need.

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