There are a lot of expense trackers out there. Not to forget, a few of them ruling the roost on the App Store and elsewhere. There are also full-fledge apps like Mint which do feature-packed expenses.

But there are very few apps which can be used as a combination of expense tracker and a goods tracker for being able to pull the list of things you bought in a foreign country.

Simply Declare Travel App for iPhone & iPadUpdate: Developer has updated Simply Declare with many new features. Read full review here.

When you're backpacking in Europe, or enjoying a late evening cocktail on the beaches of Thailand, you don't want to track expense like a financial consultant or prepare a list of things you bought in the country. Nor do you want to spend half your time in doing data entry of all the receipts you've got. Come on, you're here to enjoy the holiday.

Simply Declare iPhone Travel App

And that's why we need apps like Simply Declare. The first thing I noticed was it had no bloating feature to use. All it did was simple:

  • Keep track of your allowed quota for duty-free limit
  • Take pics of receipts so you track what you bought, better (overall, track what you buy)
  • Currency Conversion because that's how you can keep track of the expense (to declare the goods)
  • Export the data to email has declared Simply Declare as one of the best travel apps for iPhone and that kind of puts things in perspective.

Simply Declare iPhone & iPad Travel App

Simply Declare is probably one of the first apps that aims to make declaring what you bought at the customs easy. Not only does the app let you keep a personal track of what you buy but the receipt tracking feature simple: you can click photos of the receipts and they get stored. Only, make sure you don't accidentally hit the ‘Start A New Trip' button.

Simply Declare Travel App for iDevice

Simply Declare isn't uber popular yet but it’s definitely a must-have. Besides the iPhone, we think it’s one of the best travel apps for the iPad too. You should check it out today.

Simply Declare comes in two variants: a free version and a paid version that costs $0.99. The free version has all the features of the paid one but with ads.

Simply Declare has been updated with a renewed, flat interface and a host of new features. You should check it out.

Download Simply Declare ($0.99)

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