Simply Declare App for iPhone and iPad

Simply Declare iPhone App for iOS 10

There are a lot of expense trackers out there. Not to forget, a few of them ruling the roost on the App Store and elsewhere. There are also full-fledged apps like Mint which do feature-packed expenses. But there are very few apps which can be used as a combination of expense tracker and a goods tracker for being able to pull the list of things you bought in a foreign country.

Simply Declare iPhone and iPad App

When you’re backpacking in Europe, or enjoying a late evening cocktail on the beaches of Thailand, you don’t want to track expense like a financial consultant or prepare a list of things you bought in the country. Nor do you want to spend half your time in doing data entry of all the receipts you’ve got. Come on, you’re here to enjoy the holiday.

34 Supported Currencies

One of the biggest highlights of this app is that it supports as many as 34 currencies. Besides, you can also add your own currency. It’s an enormously handy feature which allows you to easily exchange currency.

As a traveler, you would love to have it to ensure you are quite spot on with counting. More importantly, the travel app has been designed to handle multiple currencies in one trip. With the in-app purchase, you can access more than 160 currencies of the world.

Snap Images of Invoices

With this app, you can quickly capture images of invoices. It’s pretty sharp and does the work with the desired accuracy. The app produces itemized list of your purchases to ensure you are able to instantly single out each item. Besides, you will be able to email the receipts to yourself to keep them safe.

Intuitive User-Interface

Simply Declare has an impressive user-interface. So even if you had never used such apps before, you wouldn’t have any problem in mastering it.

The easy-to-use features like the option to filter items like name and date, super handy menu page that allows you to instantly access all of your lists make it ideal for travelers. With the iCloud backup, it ensures all of your data remains safe and easily accessible across iOS devices.

Make the App More Powerful Through In-App Purchases

You have got the option to enhance the functionality of the app with the in-app purchase. For instance, you can easily access your favorite list of the currency converter. You will get a useful notepad for your trip to note down everything with ease. Furthermore, it will allow you to maintain the history of your trips so that you will be able to easily remember the important things.

Price and Compatibility

Simply Declare is available in both paid ($1.99) and free version. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 8 or later.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the Simply Declare Travel Apps will no longer be available for download or support effective March 1, 2021. We want to thank all of our loyal users and hopefully as the world returns to normal we will update apps, but for now we say goodbye.

The Verdict

Simply Declare is an enormously useful app for travelers. Whether it’s converting currency fast or managing your purchase lists, the app does all the tasks with the desired efficiency. What stands it in really good stead is the elegant UI coupled with the highly functional features that fully take care of your needs.

If you want to remain chilled out during your memorable foreign trips and wish to completely dedicate yourself to enjoy those amazing moments without having to bother about managing your purchase lists, this app can perfectly lead your expectation. As it’s also available for free, I would recommend you try it out before settling on the paid version.

What do you think of Simply Declare? Feel free to let us know your valuable feedback in the comments below. (You might want to have a look at these best iPhone travel apps as well.)

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