Shuttercase: iPhone X, Xs, 8 Plus Camera Battery Case

ShutterCase iPhone X, Xs, and iPhone 8 Plus Camera Case

Every year Apple runs Shot on iPhone Challenge – an iPhone photography contest – and all those photography lovers submit their best clicks to clinch the first position. As smartphone photography burgeons, Apple has begun to develop high-tech devices that pack an excellent camera app. Although a smartphone can never replace DSRL cameras, iPhone photography has emerged as a widespread phenomenon.

This has given birth to a need for battery case as frequent clicking can consume your iPhone battery. To fill this space, Shuttercase has come up with the best solution – a camera case with a unique shutter button and built-in battery.

Turn Your iPhone X, XS, 7 Plus, and 8 Plus into a DSLR with Shuttercase

A smartphone’s ability to keep your mobile has created a whole new business of accessories. There are protective cases, screen guards, wireless charging cases, and more. Among all these, camera accessories stand apart as capturing images requires some skill. iPhone lenses help you capture images in different ways; a lens guard protects your phone’s lens, and a selfie stick gives you shake-free images. Instead of carrying the three accessories separately, why not get a Shuttercase.

Shuttercase: A camera lens, and a lens protector…everything rolled into one

ShutterCase iPhone X, Xs, and iPhone 7- 8 Plus Camera Case

One of the best things about Shuttercase is it is a three-in-one battery case. The product eliminates the need to carry a selfie stick, a camera lens, and a protective ring for the lens.

For iPhone photography, it is crucial for the owner to capture the passing events and people quickly. When you are in the middle of something, you don’t have all the time to install your phone in the selfie stick or camera lens.

When you receive the package, you can install the Shuttercase in no time, and next, enjoy your clicking-spree for that day.

Professional Photography: Hold Your iPhone Like a DSLR

ShutterCase iPhone X, Xs, and iPhone 8 Plus Camera Case with Shutter Button

The moment you unbox the Shuttercase, you will realize its worth. The package contains a camera case, a removable camera handle, 3000mAh battery embedded, thumb buttons, a lanyard, and a charging cable. Installing the case is an easy task; you can also follow its user manual that will come with the package.

Once you install the case and hold your iPhone, you will experience a firm yet comfortable grip over your device. This is due to shutter and thumb buttons on the case. Like DSLR cameras, you will have the pleasure of pressing a shutter button to click photos. For your convenience, this Shuttercase has a thumb button, which gives a comfortable grip.

Every time you click a photo, you get a shake-free image. Just like a DSLR camera, you can hold your iPhone in your two hands for more support. Ensure further protection of your case by using a lanyard. Pass your wrist in the string and explore many objects for your photography.

A Unique Battery Case: On-the-Go Battery Charge

ShutterCase iPhone X, 8 Plus Camera Case with Power Bank

This case comes with a removable battery of 3000mAh. Whenever your iPhone shows low battery status, install the camera handle, which is a removable battery. This means you can continue your iPhone photography for a long time when you are away from your home.

Note that the removable camera handle needs charging when the battery is drained. You can charge the battery with a micro USB/USB-A cable. Typically, it takes nearly six hours to charge the battery from empty to full. When you charge the camera handle, a red LED will flash continuously; once fully charged, the LED becomes stable.

The camera handle provides a strong fulcrum when you wish to capture an object or a person from different angles. With your four fingers, you can hold the handle and keep your thumb on the shutter button or thumb button. Want to click a photo? You can either use your thumb or first finger, which is close to the shutter button on this case.

Other Essentials

ShutterCase Kickstand Camera Case for iPhone X, 8 Plus and 7 Plus

Even a blind cannot fail to notice two significant features of this case: it works as a kickstand case, and it doesn’t require Bluetooth for connectivity.

You can click photos with Shuttercase without using your phone’s Bluetooth feature. The shutter button of this case is connected with a pronounced button on the volume down key of your iPhone. So when you press the shutter button on the case, your iPhone’s volume down key gets pressed automatically and your phone clicks the shot.

A kickstand is a natural extension as the battery grip automatically converts this simple case into a kickstand case. Although vertical kickstand position is difficult to achieve, you would love to place your iPhone in horizontal kickstand stance.

A Word of Caution

It is difficult to install and remove the case on your iPhone. When you attach the battery grip, your case becomes heavy, but then, a sturdy case can take that burden easily. Since the case boasts a rugged profile, it protects your iPhone from damage. The case is not compatible with iPhone 6 and 6s Plus.

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That’s it!

Clicking out…

A lookalike of classic 135 camera of yesteryears, Shuttercase is your supreme requirement to achieve unmatched stability while shooting. The built-in battery grip allows you to enjoy your photography without having to worry about your phone battery. A must-have accessory for iPhone photographers worldwide.

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