One core feature that Safari lost in iOS 7 is the tab-count. The little tabs icon used to show how many tabs were open in Safari till iOS 6 but in iOS 7, Safari no longer displays this number.

It sounds silly as to why Apple removed this feature: it was one harmless piece of information that some folks found useful. But not to worry. The world of jailbreak tweaks almost always has a solution ready at hand.

The Cydia tweak is called SafariTabCount and that pretty much settles the description. It’s a no-nonsense tweak that does what it needs to do: put a number on that tab so you know exactly how many tabs are open.

SafariTabCount Cydia Tweak to show tab counts in iOS Safari

SafariTabCount works all the time. That is, have your Safari on normal mode or private mode and the tab count will show you exactly how many tabs are open in Safari. As a beginner-tip, try to clear the tabs occasionally so you don’t end up loading the memory / RAM all too often.

SafariTabCount comes with nothing to configure or tweak. Install it from Cydia and it applies the changes to Safari automatically after a respring. Open Safari and open multiple tabs to check if the tab-count changes accordingly.

Now, if only some tweak could prevent the auto-refresh of pages in Safari iOS 7.

Why can’t Safari keep the pages intact? Why does it have to reload every time? Even if it’s just a couple of tabs open?

The answer to that, while not being official, is that this process will store a lot of data in Safari. Data space that is required elsewhere might get locked up here. Which explains why Apple decided to retain the auto-refresh feature.

On a slightly-related note, here’s how to close all tabs at once in Safari iOS 7. That’s the non-jailbreak version of doing it. If you want to do that with a jailbreak tweak, you’d go for ClearAll (free, BigBoss).

SafariTabCount is up on Modmyi for free.