A beautiful, colorful flat UI, an uber-simple experience and a powerful function: that’s what ShopAssist looks, feels and works like.

How many times have you thought you’ll spend only X when you go out to shop and ended up buying stuff for 2X? I am usually a stickler when it comes budgets but that thing happens way too often (although not 2X). The bottom line is clear: we spend more than we plan for and that extra often hurts monthly spending budgets.

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I’ve used a handful of expense trackers but they’re all long-term. That means you have to tweak them to fit your one-time shopping spree budget.

ShopAssist iPhone App

ShopAssist is a unique way of making sure you don’t overspend the next time you are Wal-Mart or BestBuy or IKEA or anywhere. If used smartly, it’s almost equivalent of carrying just the exact amount you wish to spend. The latter is powerful but risky if you overspend even if by a penny or two and ShopAssist is, therefore, a must-have.

ShopAssist iPhone App for Shopping

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ShopAssist is a cool idea. People who’re conscious of their spending will warm up to it instantly and if you’ve got even a tiny inclination to start saving, this is an app that will help you in the long-run. Unlike most other expense trackers, this is not an app for the monthly budget. You are not going to sweat your time typing in all expenses and then managing the reports. It’s all overwhelming and that’s one of the reasons why many of the expense trackers fail.

ShopAssist Shopping iPhone App

With ShopAssist, it’s a short-time thing. Going shopping? Enter the budget. Shop, add whatever item you buy, enter it into the app. It will also do the taxes if there’s any and you can categorize what you buy. It can also do weights and quantities so you don’t have to do the math. And most usefully, the app will save your shopping sprees so you can check them up later if at all you’re doing full-fledged expenses.

In a way, ShopAssist appears to be packed but on the surface, it presents itself as one of the most simplest ways to track and control your shopping urges.

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ShopAssist has been launched recently on the App Store and as an introductory offer, will be free for a short time.

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