ShareApp for iPhone: Easiest Way to Share Songs or Audio Files via WhatsApp

Our passion for the best gadgets has always increased with time. There’s no greater feeling than having the latest version of Apple gadgets be it the iPhone, iPad or any other mac devices.  Apple has undoubtedly taken over the smart phone market in the recent years. With lots of stability of the Operating system, quick response times, improved performance and overall clean UX Designs have attracted millions towards iPhones and iPads.

As we know that most of the apps available on AppStore has its own limitations and WhatsApp is not an exception here. We did a small research on various limitations of this app and will share best possible solution to overcome those limitations. Before we discuss the solution, let me share few of the limitations first.

ShareApp for iPhone and iPad#1. You cannot share a song, mp3, music file from your iphone music library via Whatsapp. Suppose you want to share a recently released music, or share a newly recorded song with friends, it is not possible as per the present limitations. There exists the need of a third party application for this purpose.

#2. You cannot share recorded voice from your iOS utilities (voice memos) to Whatsapp users. Yes its true, being a great voice recorder app of iPhone – Voice Memo app is expected to have sharing feature; unfortunately it doesn’t serve the purpose.

#3. What if you have an app that overcomes these limitations? ShareApp is the answer. It not only serves the purpose but also equipped with various other features to enhance your Whatapp experience.

ShareApp for iPhone & iPad – Share Songs or Audio Files via WhatsApp

What is ShareApp?

Coming at a downloadable size of less than 6MB, compatible with iPhone 5 and above, ShareApp application lets iPhone users to share songs of any forms seamlessly via WhatsApp. This can be seen as a WhatsApp song sharing option for iPhones. The operating system version has to be above iOS7.

Using the ShareApp is pretty easy, Checkout some of the advantages offered by ShareApp application explained blow.

Audio Recording and SharingRecord Audio on Your iPhone Using ShareAppWith just a single click users can record audio from ShareApp interface and can directly send to multiple groups, friends or relatives via WhatsAPP. Not many applications are available today that extends the feature of music sharing across platforms. ShareApp could be a revolution rather a great revelation in this realm for iPhone genre.

Play & Share your Favorite MusicPlay Audio-Music and Share it on WhatsAppWe are all passionate when it comes to music and there’s no wonder whatever the occasion we are in we tend to forget ourselves in the music that we listen to, not bothered about the surroundings. Even when we travel we wish to hear the best collections all the time, for keeping engaged in the mood. Using ShareApp it is quite easy to import music libraries. Just load the, music gallery of ShareApp and press the Play button to indulge into the world of music. You can directly share your favorite music to all your WhatsApp friends on your finger tip. It is very simple and easy way to share the happiness with your loved one.

Share Bookmarks/JokesRead-Favorite & Bookmark Jokes on ShareAppWhatsapp being the popular message sharing platform, sharing fun messages is always a great things to do. ShareApp hosts a huge list of Jokes categories that can be shared via WhatsApp on iPhone. Sharing of favorite pages in the forms of Bookmarks is also supported by the ShareApp application.

The free version of this app is available with some basic limitation to share the files and will display advertisement from third party advertisers. If you want to enjoy all features of this app without any restrictions, download it now and enjoy the best moments with friends and family, all in just fraction of seconds.

Price: Free | $1.99
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