iCloud is a state of the art and yet user friendly online service floated by Apple through which you can share your creations in the form of pages, keynote or numbers. The best part of iCloud is the fact that you can easily share iWork documents even if the other person with whom you are sharing doesn’t own an iOS device or a Mac. Still the other person would be able to view or even collaborate with you on the things that you have shared through a just a web browser.

This easy to use and great facility made available by Apple enables the iPhone/iPad users to share their Pages, Keynote or Numbers with other users. This adds to the awesome experience of superlative design and navigation experience that is synonymous with Apple.

How to share a Pages, Keynote, or Numbers file with iCloud

How to Share your Pages, Keynote and Numbers file from iPhone and iPad.

  • Open the specific Page, Keynote or Numbers file from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the share button on the upper right hand corner.

How to Share a Pages, Keynote, or Numbers file on iCloud

  • Opt for share link option via iCloud from the drop down menu.

Share a Pages, Keynote, or Numbers file in iCloud

  • Choose a specific sharing method that you find comfortable.
  • iWork would automatically insert the iCloud sharing link for you.
  • Now you are all set to type any message that you may like to add and share your Page, Keynote or Numbers with others.

This revolutionary and yet simple to use method enables you to get the most of your iPhone or iPad and now you can utilize your iWork suite effectively and even gain freedom from the all pervasive but not necessarily the best Microsoft Office. The beauty lies in the fact that you can use the iCloud services to share documents with anyone and also be able to easily synchronize the files across all your devices. A useful tip for iCloud users is to take advantage of services like Dropbox or Google Drive in order to save on your iCloud storage space. This tip becomes handy to follow since your 5 GB space quota on the iCloud may get easily exhausted.

Now you are all set to share and collaborate with other users and share you Pages, Keynotes or Numbers through iCloud with other users.