Bluetooth sharing on the iPhone is one of the things Android and other platforms like to poke a stick at and make fun of. It's not exactly iPhone's forte nor the iOS ecosystem's good part. In fact, Bluetooth on iOS is sometimes a joke if you're thinking of file transfers.

But Cydia tweaks change the game altogether. For instance, the recently-updated AirBlue is a wonderful tweak that enables full-fledged Bluetooth sharing between an iPhone and all other devices including Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and more.

Share Files through Bluetooth on iPhone in iOS 7 with AirBlue Cydia Tweak

Use AirBlue Cydia Tweak to Share Files via iPhone Bluetooth

AirBlue got updated to meet iOS 7-standards and to be compatible with the A7-devices: specifically, iPhone 5s. There's a dearth of such tweaks or apps that open the limitations of Bluetooth on iOS. And AirBlue takes the credit for being the most popular and the most functional tweak which does it. Almost perfectly.

With AirBlue installed, sharing files (of any type) over Bluetooth between any type of a device and your iPhone becomes pretty easy.

AirBlue lets you send files through the share option/share sheet available in most apps. That means almost every type of a file can be transferred. AirBlue supports native pairing which means you don't have to re-pair (not repair) any other iOS device that has been paired already with your iPhone.

AirBlue also supports Bluetooth sharing from other devices. For instance, you can send a file from Android smartphone or a Windows PC to your iPhone and AirBlue (on your iPhone) will take care of the share. New features have also been included with the update which make the tweak even more powerful. These include Wi-Fi support for faster transfers (between iOS devices only), Wi-Fi hotspot creation, importing contacts and photos to respective folders/parts of the iPhone etc.

AirBlue, for all its features, costs $4.99. It's on the BigBoss repo.

  • Alessandro Gambini

    I bought airblue sharing and I am now able to send files to android devices by bluetooth but I still cannot receive files from non-apple devices.
    Can you help me?

    • Did you pair the device through the file manager (AirBlue) or through
      Settings -> Bluetooth? Users point out that the pairing should be
      done through file manager.

  • barese 07

    i purchase airblue sharing a.3.67 in my iphone 4s ios 7.0.4 but when i choose a file to send it in my android phone when i search the device its not appear an d i cant send..but i can send a file from my android phone to the iphone..

    • Try restarting your Android phone and then Bluetooth. Not sure what the
      problem is but you might want to try pinging the devs too.

  • Shobhit Tiwari

    how can i purchase this bro ? plz guide me

  • Arun Parmar

    after i install it .. when i dnt use it .. still ut showing bluetooth symball on status bar on iphone 4s ios 7.0.4 .. my airblue is 1.3.67

    • It’s a known issue. You might want to try re-installing it. If not, please do let the developers know.