How to Share Calendar Event via Family Sharing in iOS 8

Family Sharing makes sharing calendar events extremely easy in iOS 8. Earlier, the process of sharing a calendar (or event) was slightly cumbersome involving privileges and ownership of the calendar. With Family Sharing, things are now far simpler and easier.

Of course, for this to work, you will have to enable Family Sharing and add people to your Family account. Once you are done with that, you can start sharing calendars and events quickly and easily with all the family members right from your iPhone/iPad. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how you can share calendar events in Family Sharing.

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How to Use Family Sharing Calendar to Share Events in iOS 8

Step #1. Launch the Calendars app.

Step #2. Create a new event or tap on an existing one.

Create a new event in iOS 8 Calendar

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Step #3. Tap on Calendar

Step #4. Tap on Family to select that calendar. This is most important.

Tap on Family to select that calendar in iOS 8

Step #5. Fill out the rest of the event details and then tap on Done.

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That’s it. Everyone who is there in the family group will get updated about your event.

You’ll notice that any event that you add to the Family calendar gets shared automatically. Unlike before, you no longer have to explicitly mark an event/calendar as shared.

Family Sharing extends to a lot of things in iOS 8. From content-sharing in iTunes/App Store to easy calendar event sharing to things like keeping a tab on what your kid wants to purchase on his/her iDevice, Family Sharing is shaping up to be a very interesting feature.

Though there are some limitations like “no more than six members in a family” or you can’t change a family group more than twice in a year and one Apple ID can’t be used with more than one family group at a time, it is a pretty user-friendly feature.

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Family Sharing works only in iOS 8 but you can add people who are using devices running iOS 7. That is quite helpful when you’ve got other people in your family who have older devices that run iOS 7.x or prefer to remain on iOS 7.

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