With iOS 7 in, Cydia and jailbreaking takes a break temporarily. But once in a while, there’s some chatter or some tweak that attracts your attention. SevenCenter, a new Cydia tweak, is one such jailbreak-related story that might interest you.

If you’re running older versions of the iPhone (3GS for instance), you might be out of luck in installing iOS 7 on your device. And if you really like the look of iOS 7’s notification center and want it on your old iPhone, there’s this Cydia tweak: SevenCenter.

Truth be told, there is at least one other tweak that functions pretty much the way SevenCenter does. BlurriedNCBackground, for instance, lets you get that iOS 7 look for the notification center. However, where the former scores is the absolute minimalism.

SevenCenter Cydia Tweak

There are some important changes in iOS7’s notification center. These include the lack of linen which has been replaced by the translucent grayish background. The typical “lens” effect is a pleasant addition to iOS’s interface overhaul.

Both the Cydia tweaks bring this effect to iOS 6 (SevenCenter is compatible with iOS 5 too). However, with BlurriedNCBackground, you can configure how much blurred the background icons get behind the lens. In SevenCenter, you have no such option.

Get iOS 7 Style NC on iOS 6
But SevenCenter brings those slide-handles straight from iOS 7. That’s something no tweak has done so far. And perhaps for that reason alone, it scores well.

Quite obviously, one doesn’t get the Today/All/Missed tabs of iOS 7’s notification center. It’s only the background that’s changed to reflect the new lens effect. You can add other tweaks to spice up the Notification Center and make it a productive powerhouse (tweaks like NCSettings, Tap to Widgets etc.)

SevenCenter is a free tweak. It’s on the BigBoss repo and can be installed quickly. Once installed, a quick respring changes the Notification Center interface.

If you are still on iOS 6 either by choice or otherwise, here’s a tutorial that’ll let you get most of iOS 7 features on your iDevice.