Let’s just say that Apple was probably one of the last companies to adopt the trend of flat design in a way that has drawn a mixed response. Nevertheless, here we are with a radically new iOS 7 and some really interesting apps that go with it.

Popular apps like Facebook and Twitter have already claimed their spot for iOS 7’s redesign. Although I’m not a big fan of the all-too-simplistic Facebook redesign that lacks a certain depth now, there are also apps which seem like they’ve been perfectly designed to merge with the iOS 7 design aesthetic.

Here’s a list of seven such apps (there are plenty more).

iOS 7 Apps

1). Pandora

Pandora App for iOS 7

No discussion got more interesting than that of Pandora’s new redesign and feature upgrade. With iTunes Radio launching, we’ve been looking at comparisons all over the place. The musical features apart, Pandora’s redesign does not take a lot of queues from iOS 7 although there is definite flattening.

The app is more clearer, crisper and on the iPhone and iPad, smoother.

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2). Quora

Quora App for iOS 7

Quora’s app was already a fine example of flat design but with iOS 7 coming out, they decided to rewrite the whole thing to include some really intricate controls. These make Quora’s iPhone app a real treat to use, especially when it comes to content discovery.

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3). Evernote

Evernote App for iOS 7

Perhaps the most guessable and the most aesthetic redesign was that of Evernote. The green skeuomorphic app that shot to fame has now been rewritten to meet iOS 7’s aesthetic to such an extent that you might do a double-take at the update. I let out a chuckle reading some of the reviews because it’s such a radical change – but once you use it, you realize that the app is still the same old guy.

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4). Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather App for iOS 7

We wrote in April that Yahoo’s new Weather app was gorgeous and we stick to the assessment. iOS 7’s redesigned Weather app is cool but there is a certain charm to Yahoo!’s selection of fonts and the overall design sense that makes it my favorite app. Interestingly, Yahoo! hasn’t redesigned the app. The Yahoo! Weather app looks very much designed for iOS 7, nevertheless.

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5). Photo Editor By Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary for iOS 7

Hat tip to Mashable.com for pointing us in this direction. Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the coolest photo editors on the App Store. The redesign – while meeting the new iOS 7 element standards – has done complete justice to the simplicity of the app. Amazing interface clubbed with awesome features: that’s Photo Editor by Aviary.

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6). MailBox

Mailbox App for iOS 7

Sometimes, when you look at past screenshots of Mailbox, you can’t but help notice that Jony Ive and his team of crackerjack designers did get inspired from apps like these. Mailbox was one of the earliest successful adopters of the flat trend in iOS apps. The app hasn’t been vastly redesigned but it incorporates the new circular controls which make it quite appealing.

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7). Pressgram

Pressgram App for iOS 7

We had a chance to review Pressgram recently and the developer has updated the app. But the magic trick that I haven’t uncovered yet is the fact that although Pressgram’s initial design came out way before iOS 7 betas did, it seemed to be designed just for iOS 7. Needless to say, the update only makes it even more endearing for iOS 7.

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