How to Set Up and Customize YouTube Scheduled Digest on iPhone and Android

I would recommend you to start using scheduled digest in YouTube on your iPhone or Android phone to avoid being alerted time and again. Once set up, it creates a perfect digest of all of your notifications and delivers them at your most convenient time.

Sick of the random alerts and want to view all of your notifications at a scheduled time? YouTube has come up with a well-thought-out feature “Scheduled digest” to prevent alerts from pinging you repeatedly and allow you to check them all at your own convenient time. So, how do you set up and customize YouTube scheduled digest on iOS and Android device?

Well, it basically combines all of your notifications into a single digest and sends it at your most preferred time. Therefore, you can glance through all the alerts from the channels you have subscribed, videos you might like to catch up with, about comments and other activities on your channel and more. Clearly, once you have got started with this neat feature, you will no longer be bothered by never-ending alerts!

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How to Use YouTube’s Scheduled Digest on iPhone and Android device

Ensure that you have the latest version of YouTube app (13.16 or later) on your iOS and Android device.

Step #1. Launch YouTube app on your smartphone.

Open YouTube App on iPhone

Step #2. Now, tap on your profile image and select Settings.

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Tap on Profile image and Select Settings in YouTube App

Step #3. Next, tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notifications in YouTube App

Step #4. Next up, turn on the switch next to Scheduled Digest.

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Turn on the switch next to Scheduled Digest in YouTube App

In order to set the specific time to get the scheduled digest, you need to tap this section.

Now, you should see the option to customize delivery time.

Step #5. Up next, choose your custom delivery time and then tap on OK.

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Tap on Scheduled Digest and choose custom delivery time in YouTube App

Tip: If you don’t want to receive alerts from certain things, turn off the switch next to them. There is also an option to disable sounds & vibrations during the hours you specify. Simply turn on the switch for it and then tap to set the time. Once done, tap on OK to confirm the change.

Turn On sounds & vibrations Switch and set the time in YouTube App

That’s done! From now onwards, the app will send you a notification every day at your selected time.

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And when you tap on the notification, it will open the YouTube app and take you directly to the Activity tab. There you will see the list of notifications from the past day.

That’s done!

Stay tuned:

I wish more apps implemented this feature sooner than later. Introduced at Google I/O 2018 event, it has won a lot of hearts from YouTubers. There is one more feature that Google added in YouTube app —”Take a break”. Haven’t tried it as yet? Head over here to get started!

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