The US English keyboard is the default keypad in iOS 8 (for American users). What if you want to use some other keyboard regularly? Wouldn’t you find it a little too much to change the keyboards every time you want to use a specific keyboard other than US English?

With iOS 8 letting users customize their iPhone/iPad keyboards, more users now want to switch to third-party keyboards like SwiftKey and Swype. This also means they want to use that as their default input method.

Set Third Party Keyboard as Default in iOS 8

Set your favorite iOS 8 third party keyboard as the default on your iPhone/iPad:

(Step 1 – 6 are to add a third-party keypad. Skip to Step 7 if you’ve already added the keypad of your choice)

Step 1 – Open Settings

Step 2 – Tap on General

Step 3 – Scroll down and tap on Keyboard

Step 4 – Tap on Keyboards

Add New Keyboard in iPhone or iPad

Step 5 – Tap on Add New Keyboard

Adding Third Party Keyboard in iOS 8

Step 6 – Select and tap on the third party keyboard

(Sometimes, you would be given some sub-categories to select in some keyboard options. So, you have to tap on the sub-category you need)

Step 7 – Tap on Edit

Step 8 – Drag the third party keyboard to the top using the sort-handle.

Sort Third Party Keypad in iOS 8

Step 9 – Tap on Done

That’s all. From now onwards, whenever you select a text-field to type, your third-party keypad will show up first (as the default one).

The latest operating system lets you use third party keyboard with some limitations. As you know that Apple takes care of the privacy of its users in the best possible way, you won’t be able to type any confidential number on a third party keyboard. As soon as you start typing any confidential number, it will change into Apple’s keyboard.